Many people do not know this game by its name “Atari Breakout” but they immediately recognize the game when they see it. Atari breakout is a classic game which is there since years and is still being played by a large number of players. If you too are confused about the Atari game then see the below image, this is the game we’re talking about.

atari breakout game

Did you know that there is a Google easter eggs trick that can help you play this game without installing any app or without opening any heavy website? You read it right, Google image search has a hidden trick which allows you to play Atari breakout game on it.

You might be thinking “How?”. We’ll tell you. The trick is actually very easy and you can play it anytime. All you need is a computer/laptop and internet connection since Google will only work if you have the internet. If you are looking for games without the internet then check out these no WiFi games.

Google Atari breakout can be played when you have the internet, in case you have no internet then you play Google dinosaur game.

Play Atari Breakout on Google Image Search

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You just need to perform few simple steps to see this google easter eggs trick and Atari breakout game will be there within a few seconds on your screen.

  1. Visit
  2. ┬áType “Atari Breakout”.
  3. Now click on “Images” which is just below the Google search bar.
  4. Google image search will open, don’t do anything and Google Atari Breakout will launch within a few seconds.

Google calls this game “Image Breakout”. You will notice that the bricks in this game are nothing but the images which appear on Google image search. A nice unblocked game for all ages.

You will get 4 lives in one game.

How to Play Breakout Google Image Game

Atari Breakout on Google image search can only be played when you a computer/laptop. You can control the bar with either mouse or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

If you want to skip one step then just visit and type “Atari Breakout

Once you clear one level, Google will open another random set of images and convert those images to breakout bricks and the whole screen will convert to Atari google breakout.

You can go back to image search if you don’t want to play the game, just click on “Return to image search” and the game screen will vanish.

You also get the controls to pause the Google atari breakout game, turn off the sound and share your score on Google plus.

Understanding The Google Image Search Breakout Game

This is how it will look in Google images:

atari breakout google

Once you pause the image breakout game or your games get over, then it looks something like this:

google image search breakout game

See, it shows your score and gives you the option underneath it so you can share it with the world. Look at the top bar of this game, you will see few buttons like pause game, sound, return to image search. Top left corner shows your remaining live and right corner shows your atari breakout score.

Just visit Google images and start playing the game. Have fun!


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