Face swap apps are the new fun apps which have attracted many smartphone users, Face swap got famous when the snapchat released the feature and since that time many individual programs came which are just there for face swap. This is absolutely a great thing to try, also to have fun. With these awesome face swapping apps you can have great fun and laugh, imagine if you put your face on someone else’s body then how you would look? Isn’t that interesting? Swapping your face on an animal or put animals ears and noses on your face can probably give you a loud laugh.

You can use these face swap apps online and offline also, in offline mode you just have to cut and paste the face or whatever you want to paste but if you use online mode then it works best because in online mode faces and parts are replaced by itself.

Top Face Swap App For Android

Top Face swap app

We will show you the best and top 6 face swap apps for android.

1.) SNAPCHATBest Face Swap app

Snapchat is the one who has brought a new trend on the market. while using this you can really enjoy face swapping because it is very amazing and fun loving with Snapchat. Snapchat also gives you many filters which you can use in your swapped photos.

You can also enjoy this in offline mode also because in offline mode you can swap the faces while taking selfies or just select any random pic from the gallery and swap the faces.


2.) Face Swap Live Beta

Face Swap

As you can read in the name this app is still a beta version, but you should definitely check it out, this app is quite good. Along with face swap in pictures you can swap faces in the video also because this app has the video features also. If you want to swap your face in a live video then you can do that as well.



3.) Face Swap

Face swap app
With more than 5 million downloads this app is one of the most popular app in this category. Along with face swapping this app offers many cool filters which you can apply to your photos. A significant good app for swap faces.




Want to have some fun then check this out- GOOGLE DINOSAUR GAME

4.) MixBooth

face swap live android

Mixbooth is also a fun and entertaining app for face swapping. This app only swaps face in those photos which are already clicked and saved in your device’s gallery. It has a different feature of morphing pictures, you can mix two photographs and make it appear completely different.




5.) Face Changer 2

swap faces app


Face Changer 2 is another entertaining and fun app for swapping faces with over 10 million downloads. This is one of the extremely popular android apps in this category. This app gives many features to its users like morphing photos, face part adding, over 600 stickers, instant replay, fusing pictures with the different background, adding makeup and words etc.

With so many loving users and many nice features, this app deserves a try.


6.) SWPR: Live Face Swap

Another live face swap software that works fantastic. this app is for both videos and pictures, you just have turn the camera on, and you have to bring your device in front of your face and when the camera will detect your face then it will swap the face by itself. Also sharing the swap faces videos and picture is not hard with the app, anyone can easily do this.



Well, this is it readers, we hope we helped you to select best face swap app for you. Now try these awesome apps and tell us your experience and which app you loved most by writing in the comment section below.


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