Bose is one of the top selling and preferred sound system manufacturer and you can get an awesome Bose wave radio CD player online. Wave is a series of Bose company and it has different variants.

Most of the music system offered by Bose in the “Wave” series offer radio, bluetooth and CD player with online radio stations and premium music like Spotify. These music system can also be used with offline music apps like Deezer.

Which Bose wave radio CD player is best for you depends on your needs. We are going to list the topmost Bose music system here in the “Wave” series.

Best Bose Wave Radio CD Player Music System

Check out these best Bose Wave music systems you can purchase right now from authorized stores and sellers.


Internet Radio

CD/MP3 Player

Bluetooth Connectivity

Dedicated App

WiFi Connectivity

Soundtouch IV






Wave Music IV






Wave Music III






Soundtouch Music System IV is the latest version and it is the most advanced version from the Wave series. It offers you features that no other Wave music system is having.

Continue reading to know more about their features and specifications.

1. Wave Soundtouch IV

bose wave radio CD player soundtouch

As said before, it is one of the best Wave music system by Bose and uses the advanced technology and integrations within the music system.

WiFi connectivity, compatible with all the Soundtouch wireless speakers, bluetooth connectivity are some of the features that you will get only in this variant of Wave music system.

Internet radio is something that you ma find quite interesting. It is compatible with most of today’s popular music streaming apps like Spotify, Deezer, iHeartRadio, SiriusXM, iTunes, pandora, tunein etc.

Add all the wireless speakers and stream music in every room and even outdoors. SoundTouch Wave music system has a dedicated app which you can download for android from here, it makes it easier to navigate and enjoy your favorite music.

2. Wave Music System IV

bose wave music system IV

The price difference between SoundTouch and Wave IV is about $100, so, if you can afford $100 more then SoundTouch should be the best option for you, however, Bose Wave Music System IV is also a good choice to go for.

Things you won’t get in Wave IV Platinum Silver are internet radio, WiFi connectivity, compatibility with all wireless speakers. If you don’t need such things at all then go ahead with this.

The sound quality is top notch.

3. Bose Wave Music III

bose wave music system 3

Now comes the Music III, which is definitely an older version but budget effective. You can a used music system on Amazon for as low as $340. If you are looking for radio and CD player then this would do the work perfectly.

The more money you put in, the better it gets. However, considering Bose Wave radio CD player only, this should be fine option with good sound quality. You get Dual Alarm in this as well.


Undoubtedly, Bose Wave SoundTouch IV music system is the winner among these Bose wave music system. Along with radio and CD player, you get other useful features also,so investing a few more dollars would not be a bad idea.


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