Looking for some fake email generator so that you can use those disposable and temporary email addresses for various purposes like getting a trial or trying any service? There are much fake mail generator that can get you throwaway emails and you can use anyone of them.

Here we are providing you the list of best and free fake email address generator which is the best and gives you a quick temporary email and inbox.

What’s the use of these temporary emails? You know your needs better but you could use it to verify a service you just subscribed to, or you could get an offer multiple times with multiple email addresses or get yourself a fake account on any website. You can create a fake email on sites like Gmail, Yandex mail or Yahoo mail but if you need it in bulk and for temporary purposes then it’s better to create a fake mail with any of the fake email generator mentioned in our list.

Top Fake Email Generator

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Almost all fake mail generator was same with few slight changes, for example the domain changes and a few features too but you could use any of them as long as there are no special needs.

fake email generator

1.) Guerrillamail.com

Just visit this mail generator and you will be assigned an email address immediately. They provide you with an inbox, separate compose box and you can change the domain name if you want. By default you get something@sharklasers.com

A decent fake email generator to get disposable emails on the go.

Website link.

2.) Yahoo Mail!

You might be surprised to read this one but yes you can get disposable email addresses on Yahoo too. There’s more than just visiting the website and getting the fake emails unlike the previous one.

You already need to have one email address with Yahoo in order to get a temporary and disposal email address.

Follow these steps to get a disposal email on Yahoo Mail.

yahoo fake mail generator

1.) Visit Yahoo mail and open your account. You need to create one to be able to use this feature.

2.) After logging in, click on “Settings” gear icon in the top right corner and click on “Security” tab, you will see an option here to create base name and keywords. Allow us to explain this base name and keyword.

Base name and keywords are the parts of temporary Yahoo mail. For example, basename-keyword@yahoo.com. This is how your email looks, you can have only 1 base name and up to 500 keywords per account.

Website link.

3.) Yopmail

Quite simple and useful fake email generator to get a temporary email immediately. You can get any email like your-address@yopmail.com.

The messages and the inbox you get with this disposal email stay for 8 days and you can visit your mailbox by visiting http://www.yopmail.com?name-of-your-inbox, here replace the last part with your inbox name.

The only limitation is you cannot send emails from Yopmail.

Website link.

4.) 10minutemail.com

If you look at the name of this fake mail generator then it says 10 minute mail. You are assigned an email address as soon as you visit the website and this email and the inbox will stay for 10 minutes only, so if you have to do any work then do it within 10 minutes.

Website link.

5.) Dispostable

You can either go with the email address given to you or just get your own, all the emails end with dispostable.com. This is one of the most simple websites which you can understand immediately.

Website link.

6.) Discard.email

You get more than 20 extensions with this free fake email generator. You may need to translate the page since it is not in English.

Website link.

7.) Airmail

One of the few fake email generators that look like modern and trustworthy. You will see a “Get Temporary Email” button when you visit the website, clicking on that button will give you a random fake email which you can use to keep the spam out of your inbox.

You can also change it if you don’t like the name.

Website link.


All the above listed fake email generator sites are equally good, rest depends on your needs. If you need a disposable email just for few minutes then go for 10minutesmail, if you need a mail with Yahoo then go for Yahoo mail, they are all good enough to provide you with a throwaway email address.


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