Whether you are looking for iPhone launcher for your android device to make it look like an iPhone or for your iOS device, you will get some launcher apps suggestions here.

It is true that you can’t change the theme of your iPhone device without jailbreak but there are surely some apps for iOS that will give you a new feel of app launcher on your iPhone.

Let’s begin the list of best iOS launcher for android and iPhone.

Best iPhone Launcher Apps

We will be dividing the list into 2 sections, one for those who want to experience iPhone on their android and the other for those who need some new app launcher for their iOS devices.

  1. iPhone Launcher for android
  2. App launcher for iOS

Let’s begin with the first one.

iPhone Launcher for Android

Android play store is filled with millions of apps, that’s the beauty of android. Experiencing iPhone on android is not a difficult task, all you need is an iOS launcher app for android.

1. One Launcher

iPhone launcher app

This is without any doubt, one of the most popular and loved iPhone launchers for android phones. The app is lightweight so, it won’t eat much of your phone storage.

It is much like the iOS interface and if you really wanted to have some iOS experience then this app would be a good choice.

One Launcher also has the lockscreen settings, and it will redirect you to an app on play store called “One Locker”, using this app you can enjoy the iOS like lock screen also on your android phone.

Gestures settings, page animation settings, theme, there is a lot more that you will get in this iPhone launcher app.

Price: Free

2. xOS Launcher

xOS iOS launcher

Not as popular as One Launcher but people are loving it, the simplicity of this iPhone launcher is what attracting people and it’s a lightweight as well.

There are various themes within the launcher that you can try along with genuine page animations and styles.

If not one launcher then this one will definitely help you experience iPhone on your android smartphone.

Price: Free

3. Control Panel – Smart Toggle

It is not exactly an apple launcher but can be really productive, it has the control panel features of controlling and switching your apps in the easiest possible way.

This type of control panel was introduced in iOS 7 and the design of this is similar to iOS 9, it would be a flat and simple design.

Controlling your apps is way easier and time saver with this iOS control panel. This app was last updated in 2014.

Price: Free

Some other iPhone launcher for Android

Though there are many more iOS launcher for android but we have not listed all of them, simply because they are not good enough and the users have also a lot of complaints with those launcher, for example, some make their phone too sow, some had malware complaints etc.

If you want to try out some other then better go with these:

  • iLauncher
  • Launcher for iPhone 8

Let’s jump onto our next section.

Apple Launcher for iOS Devices

If you use iOS then you already know that changing theme is not possible without jailbreak and there are not many options to try also.

There are a few developers that have tried to make some apps that can give you a new app launcher style in iPhone.

1. Launch Center Pro

With this app you can not only launch apps but also specific actions within apps.

Features of this apple app launcher:

  • Shortcuts to speed up tasks.
  • Custom quick actions
  • Apps speed dial
  • Launch specific actions

If you are still unclear about the shorcuts then here are some examples:

  • Call specific people
  • Message a GIF directly to a friend
  • Take a photo and message it to a group
  • Email your boss a report from Dropbox
  • Quickly search Wikipedia
  • Scan a barcode
  • Search on Amazon
  • Jump to your favorite website with one click
  • Create a new item in OmniFocus
  • Search Twitter using Tweetbot

All these features and many more are available in this iPhone launcher or you can an app launcher for iOS.

It’s paid one but you can try using Tweakbox app to get it for free.

Price: $2.99

All these iPhone launcher apps for android and iOS are best to give you a completely new look and feel.


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