We all know that nowadays latest mobile phones on different platforms like Android, IOS, Windows Etc.  are replacing the digital cameras, every new mobile phone has the latest technology for clicking the pictures,these mobiles phones are no less than a digital camera, and there are also many best photo editing app for these mobile phones to make your photos even better than original.

best photo editing app

List of Best Photo Editing App for Android and iOS

You can make your photos better by using these apps and the best part is, the apps we are talking about are absolutely free to use. So let’s take a look on some of the best photo editing app:

1. Prisma: Turn Every Photo Into Art

prisma photo editing app

  • Platform:    iOS, Android
  • Developer: Prisma labs inc.
  • Price: Free

Any iOS and Android user can use this app. With this app, you can transform your photos into works of art using the styles. This app turns the photos into something new. After applying the effect the image turns into a painting, the end result looks like something created by an artist with a paintbrush on canvas instead of a photo, or you can transform yourself or your photos into a cartoon.

This is a great app for fun loving people. Indeed one of the best photo editing app one can use for giving their pictures a 180 degree turn.

2. Picart: Picart Photo Studio

free best photo editing app

  • Platform:    iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Developer: PicsArt Inc.
  • Price: Free

This app has many filters, collage shapes, editing and many others tools. This is a very powerful app to edit the photos. This app has a variety of editing tools, you can completely change the style of your pics with this app.  This app also has Text, sticker, and image overlay effects, collage maker, customized effects and filters and much more. You can show your creativity by using this app.

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3. Instagram

instagram editing app

  • Platform:    iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Developer: Instagram Inc.
  • Price: Free

Well, we all know about Instagram but not everyone has known about the real work of Instagram. Instagram is a photo editing app. Yes, you heard it right it is a photo editing app but many of us think that it is a social networking app and they are also right. Instagram is both Photo editing app and Social networking app. This app has lots of filters to use, you can edit your photos by using filters provided by this app.

4. Vsco Cam

vaso image editing application


  • Platform:    iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Developer: Visual Supply Company
  • Price: Free

With this app, you can not only edit your photos you can also shoot your photos with it. It is also a camera app. Its has advanced camera controls and many preset to edit and click your photos. Not only this, the Vsco Cam app has many other features, this app also works like other social  media platforms but this app is different from other social media apps. You can join the community of VSCO and you can find and follow friends and other users like you from all around the world.

5. Snapseed

snapseed photo editing app

  • Platform:    iOS, Android.
  • Developer: Nik Software
  • Price: Free

It is a great and one of the best photo editing app for iPad. You can use manual tuning for your photos in this app. You can edit your pics by using gestures and you can select different effects and enhancements. This app saves editing history and redirects to any of the actions before. It has many filters like Frames, HDR scape,  Center focus and much more and you can also resize your photos. This app is easy to use and anyone can edit photos as it’s not that much difficult to operate.

6. Flickr

flickr best photo editing app

  • Platform:    iOS, Android, Windows phone
  • Developer: Ludicorp
  • Price: Free

Flickr is also a little bit similar to social media platforms. This app has a great community of photographers. Flickr has also many advanced photo editing tools which one can use to edit photos. Flickr has built-in filters you can use them to turn your normal photos into something great. you can share your photos by using this app with any device. You can join Flickr community and interact with new people and friend and other Flickr users from all around the globe.

7. Sktchy

photo editing

  • Platform:    iOS
  • Developer: Sktchy LLC
  • Price: Free

You can connect with people from all around the world with this app. You can also join the community here. A perfect place to find inspiration and share your photos to the world. You can choose images which are uploaded by the Sktchy community and create a painting, drawing, photograph out of that image.

8. Pixlr

top photo editor

  • Platform:    iOS, Android
  • Developer: Autodesk Inc
  • Price: Free

You can unlock your creativity of editing photos by using this app. It has over two millions of combinations of effects, filters combinations and much more tools to use. You can make yourself busy for several hours by using this app.

You can also share your edited photos directly to your social media profile without having any need to save them first. This app is easy to use and anyone can use this app.

9. Air Brush

best photo editor

  • Platform:    iOS, Android
  • Developer: CommSource Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Price: Free

Ait Brush app is best for Selfies. This app gives the best natural photo editing tools designed exclusively for the daily selfie takers. This app is designed for giving the best, easy and user-friendly experience to the user.

This app has many retouched tools and naturals effects for editing your selfies. It has also many filters that can convert your normal selfies into best pro pics. If you are a selfie queen or king then this app is definitely for you.

10. Tadda

free photo editor

  • Platform:    iOS
  • Developer: Menschmaschine
  • Price: Free

Tadda has many filters and it gives you the strength of all of it. If you like to tune your photos then this app is for you. Tadda is fast, powerful HD editor for iPhone which one can use to edit and make photos better and good looking. You can apply many frames, filters, and edits by using this app. By using this app you can also use the app’s own social network  without getting logged in.

11. Camera Awesome

camera free photo editing app

  • Platform:    iOS, Android
  • Developer: SmugMug
  • Price: Free (Paid in Android)

This app doesn’t only edit your photos it can also click your photos. You can use this app to click photos instead of your default camera app. This app helps you to take better photos. This app takes photos fast, sharper and better-exposed shots.

This app takes the shooting to the next level. This app has its professional stunning effects which can use to take better photos. You can also edit your photos later after taking photos by using its effects, filters, and many more tools.

12. Photoshop Express

photo editor apps

  • Platform:    iOS, Android
  • Developer: Adobe
  • Price: Free

Last but definitely not the least in our list of best photo editing app. With this app you can make your pics look amazing. This app has many photography features from basics to advanced.

This app has also auto fix features using which anyone can convert the normal click photos into professional. This app gives you all functions you need to make your photos better. It has a huge variety of editing functions and you never get bored using this app.

So these are some of the best photo editing app you can get for absolutely Free of cost. If you want to add one of your favorite app in this list, than you can tell us in the comment section below. We hope some apps from our list can help you to make your photos looks professional and best. Don’t feel shy to share the collection on your social media networks.


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