A picture is worth a thousand words and if you don’t follow the rules and use copyrighted images without permissions then you may have to pay thousands of dollars for violating and infringing copyrights. So, better is this you use royalty free images from the best stock photo sites.

Whether you want images for your personal use, for business or for your website you must use royalty free photos which you can get on any paid or free sock photo website. You can get high resolution pictures on these stock photo sites. Some of them are absolutely free while some are paid.

The benefit of choosing paid over free is that you are not limited to a small collection, paid means more and you can seriously find great stock photos on such websites.

It’s not that free websites are bad, for those who don’t want to spend these sites are not less than a boon but if you can afford then go for premium one.

Best Stock Photo Sites For Royalty Free Images

royalty free image landscape

It’s not that you can only buy and download pics from here, if you are a photographer and you’ve got some great pictures then you can also sell your images on these stock image sites. Let’s begin the list of best stock image sites.

1.) Shutterstock

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest and oldest in the industry of stock images. The website has images in all all possible categories and the quality of those images is just awesome.

shutterstock best stock photo sites

If you are unable to find your type of image then use the “Image search” feature, this feature allows you to upload a related image and it will fetch all the images related to your uploaded one. This makes it easier to search for images.

The list doesn’t end here, along with images you can also get royalty free music and videos in HD and 4K quality.

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2.) BigStock

Another one in the best stock photo sites list is BigStock which is a subsidiary of ShutterStock. If you can’t find anything on ShutterStock then this try out. Bigstock does not offer music like Shutterstock, you can get images and video footage only. Use the filter to refine your search.

If you don’t want to pay before trying then get their 7 day free trial in which you will be able to download 5 images per day.

Currently the website is available in 18 different languages, in case you are not comfortable with English.

3.) Pixabay

One of the best free stock photo sites. This is our personal favorite too in the category of free ones. The website is too easy to easy and you get some quality, high resolution free stock images on Pixabay.

pixabay site to get free stock images

The website doesn’t require any sign up for low resolution pictures but for higher resolution you may need to get a free account on the website.

They don’t ask for any free, however, if you want then you can donate them a few dollars. Buying them a cup of coffee won’t cost you much.

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4.) Pexels

Another high quality free stock photo site which is again completely free to use. One thing that makes it good is it’s feature which allows you to select a custom dimension in which you want to download the image.

pexels royalty free images

The collection of stock photos on Pexels in not that huge like that of Pixabay but still you can find some awesome royalty free images here.

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5.) GraphicStock

A stock photo website which keeps on providing various deals for it’s customers. You can occasionally find huge discounts here, some times the discount reaches 75% and sometimes it give you can opportunity to download any image for free.

graphicstock free stock photos

They have 2 other websites for royalty free music and videos, you can visit them here at audioblocks.com and videoblocks.com.

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6.) StockSnap.io

StockSnap offers you the opportunity to download any stock image available on their sites and use it for even commercial purposes. This is what their licensing says:

All photos on StockSnap fall under the Creative Commons CC0 license. That means you can copy, modify, distribute any photo on the site, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission!

stocksnap.io best site for free stock images

You can use their  graphic editor to create your graphics online for free of cost.

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7.) Unsplash

They give you a wide screen preview to see how it looks on large scale. The collection is really good and all the images you see on their website is given by various photographers for free to use. If you too are a photographer then submit it on their website.

Despite being free, the quality and database is quite overwhelming.

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8.) Vecteezy

This is one of those stock photo sites which is mainly focused on vector arts. However, you can also get other forms of images but the main category it offers is vectors. It is completely free to use and you can get some awesome vector images on this site.

vecteezy free stock vector art

It would be better to call this a freemium website since it has some premium content also.

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9.) Picjumbo

Another awesome website to download royalty free images instantly. The website has some seriously cool stuff to offer for free.

This one is also a freemium stock photo site but looking at their free stuff we can say you won’t require the premium subscription which starts at just $10/month.

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10.) Gratisography

Last on our list of best stock photo sites is Gratisography which has some good royalty free stock images. New images are added to the website on weekly basis and they are free to use without permissions.

All pictures on this website are photographed by Ryan McGuire

He is a self taught artist and his creations are quite awesome.

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All the websites mentioned on this list of best stock photo sites have the capability to provide you some royalty free stock images. Do let us know which one is your favorite and which one do you use the most for getting free stock photos.



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