Do you want to know how to hide or add fake location into your browser so the website you are browsing cannot locate you? Then you are at the right place. Today we will show you the best and very easy method to add a fake location in browsers.

Today’s modern browsers like google chrome, Mozilla firefox, and many others can locate you. These browsers have the function to locate from where you are accessing the internet. As you may have seen many websites request access to your location, for example, if you use google maps then google map requests access to your location so the maps can find you and shows the route of your destination from where you are. Twitter or other social networking websites add your location with your photos and posts. Many other websites request access to your location.

  • Now let’s see how these browsers locates your position.

The browsers use Geolocation API to locate a user. But before sometimes websites would use your IP address to find your location but have changed now with the help of HTML5 geolocation API websites can find your location more accurate than before. Nowadays browsers can locate you more accurately by using data from your GPS, IP address, the network from you are connected, wifi network and others. When you agree on sharing your location to a browser then that browser uses those networks and data and locate your estimate location.

  • Is faking your location is beneficial for you?

Yes, it is but only for some reasons. Nowadays many websites are malicious websites they just need an IP address of an active user so they can harm your computer, and there are many hackers/malicious peoples on the internet they can harm you in many ways. So, that will be good if you will use your fake location.

Fake Location- How To Set Your Fake Location In Browsers

Now, how to fake your location- for google chrome and mozilla firefox.

You can fake your location by many tricks,like you can change your ip address, but we are here to show you how to set your fake location in browsers.

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For Google Chrome

  1. In windows computer, to hide or change your location in google chrome just press ctrl+shift+i in google chrome and then chrome developer tools will open. If you are using Mac then press CMD+Opt+i.
  2. Now, just press Esc key and look at the bottom at the chrome developer tool.
  3. Then click on these three dots, as you can see in the image below.


Hide location

4. Now a list will open. Just click on the “Sensor” from the list and a sensor tab will open at the right side of “Console”.

fake gps location

5.  Now click on “No override”.

gps location

5. Now a list will open as you can see in the image.

Fake location

6. Now select any of the location you want to show or if you want to add your location manually then click on “custom location” and fill the latitude and longitude.

You can also hide your location by click on the Location unavailable.

Now how to set fake location in Mozilla firefox.

To fake your location in firefox you have to install an addon in the firefox browser which is called “Geolocator”. You can download this addon from here. This addon will show your location at where you want. You can show your fake location easily to the websites with the help of Geolocator. Android users can try Fly GPS app for that.

That was the tricks to hide and set your fake location. We hope that tricks will help you, if you are satisfied with those tricks then don’t forget to write in the comment section below.


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