First Row Sports is an amazing and highly popular site for live football streaming, along with Football it also provides you live streaming for Basketball, Rugby, American Football, WWE, Boxing, UFC, Motosport, Baseball, Volleyball, Handball etc. Being a sport lover, it’s amazing to have sites like firstrowsports for live sports streaming.

Surprisingly, this is not the only website to allow live football streaming and there are many alternatives to Firstrow Sports.

We’re going to list some awesome sites here which will provide you live Football streaming and other sports also (obviously).

Let’s just dig in and have a look at the awesome sites that could be a reliable alternative to one of the most popular live football streaming site, that is, First Row Sports.

First Row Sports-Best Alternatives

Please keep one thing in mind, if you are too concerned about your privacy then get a VPN like Psiphon to help protect your identity and IP.

first row sports

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Now, coming back to the firstrowsports, here are some of the best and tested sites to get live Football streaming along with other popular sports streaming.

NOTE: We are not linking to the actual sites as it may infringe rights.

1. P2P4U

Ever heard about this? No? The give it a try and you won’t forget it for the rest of your life, at least as long as they are doing good.

P2P4U sports streaming

Just like we said above, use a VPN if you are concerned about your privacy, as soon as you visit the site, you may see a message to get a VPN and hide your IP. You may try Hoxx VPN extension also.

Popular sports that you can watch on P2P4U are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Icehockey
  • Tennis
  • Handball
  • Baseball
  • NFL
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Motosport
  • Box
  • Darts
  • Snooker

Apart from these popular and in-demand sports, you may find some other sports being live streamed on P2P4U.

It redirects you to the links where you can watch those sports live stream.


Another clean website like first row sports to stream live sports. It is comparatively easier to understand.

One thing you have to understand that none of the website will give you live sports streaming on their site, rather they just provide you links where it could be watched.

Same goes for rojadiracta, it provides you 2-3 links for every match, just click on that and it will open the page.

If you need a particular then just type something like “Real Madrid vs. Barcelona” and you should get the results.


Another alternative to Firstrow Sports for watching live sports online without paying even a dime. You may need to switch on a VPN as it’s not available everywhere.


This might be a new site for you, it’s still in the beta stage, so don’t worry if there is any bug.

Earlier the site used to be called and now they have shifted to a completely new domain.

Since it is in beta stage, so it’s quite simple and clean with a fewer number of shows listed on their homepage, let’s see what updates we get on this Firstrowsports alternative in the future. You can search for your sport by using their search bar.

It is one of those few sites that provide live streaming on their own site instead of just giving out the links.


All these sites we have mentioned are good alternatives to one of the popular Football live streaming site First Row Sports and these sites also provide popular live sports streaming for free. Do tell us what’s your favorite firstrowsports alternative to watch Football and other sports live streaming.


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