Do you like to see your face on a magazine cover ? or make your photos look like a celebrity ? but not all people can do that because that editing needs graphic editing skills, but here is a fun part, now anyone can do that very easily.We have selected 13 free infographic maker to create eye-catching graphics for you.

Now you can see your face on the magazine cover.

Infographic maker

These infographic maker are user-friendly and take very less time to make a nice photo and magazine cover. Not only this, you can also make great presentations, charts, beautiful designs and many more photo works. So, let’s begin.

Free Infographic Maker


infographic maker online is a good program for you if you are looking for infographic design but has not many varieties of editors or design. You can make a nice infographics design because the main focus of this program is in infographic design. It has many basic assets and design, so you can choose whichever suits your project and complete your design.

11.) Visme

free infographics makers

Visme gives you lots of designs, templates, tons of free icons and shapes to create your amazing project. Those beautiful designs are simple and easy to edit. This website is also giving you charts to save your time. You just have to select a chart and put your numbers or details in that chart and that chart will calculate and gives you the right information and percentage. That will save your time.

10.) Pulp-o-mizer



This infographic maker is for pulp magazine lovers. You can put your photo on a pulp magazine and create your own magazine cover with this. It has also a very easy to use customizer tool. That tool allows you to adjust your column, alignment, your photo and many other things. You can choose your favorite magazine cover and put your face on it. You can also download your cover and print that on your T-shirt, mugs, i-pad cases and many other materials.

9.) Fakeazine

free magazine cover

With over 100 magazines this website has the big collection of magazines to put your face on a cover page. You just have to upload your photo on one of the magazine and adjust it. you can also do many other changes like changing background color. After finishing the editing you will get a code to share your cover via social networking and many other ways.

8.) Funny Photo

infographic maker free online

It is a great website as an infographic maker. You can play and choose many collages templates, frames, effects, postcards and many other editors to create your own creative magazine cover. you can select from classic to modern cover to show yourself in a magazine, and this website also lets you retouch your photo before saving or using it.

7.) Madmagz

 free online infographics maker

With this online tool you can make a complete magazine, not only a magazine cover. Madmagz lets you to make a complete magazine with the help of its pre-made magazine templates. This tool has many templates and magazines to select like modern, classic, news-letter, pop art, and much more. This online tool is not completely free, some options of this tool are free but if you want to take all advantages, you have to pay for it.

6.) piktochart

infographic maker software

Piktochart is one of the best infographic maker you can use for free. Piktochart is easy to use and user-friendly program. If you are using this program then you don’t need a professional graphic designer to do your work, you can make a project like a professional graphics designer with this program, this will save you money and time. You can use this program for free but if you want to use all of this program then you have to pay for it.

5.) LucidPress

online infographics maker software


With LucidPress you can also create posters, invitation cards, newsletters and many more designs. The user can also make cool magazine covers with that. You can create your magazine cover by yourself but if you want to use pre-made templates then you have to pay for it.

4.) PhotoFunia

free online infographic maker tool


This infographic maker gives you postcards, drawing, frames, funny faces and many more designs to create. You can select a design from these and make it as your own design after some editing. The user can also incorporate the magazine into the photos of real life setting.

3.) Canva

free online infographics maker software

While using canvas you can make all kind of designs, it doesn’t matter that you are working for your social media project, your personal project, or your office work. You can also make your personal magazine cover, presentation, poster and many other designs. canvas has many pre-made designs so, you just have to insert your photo in that and type your text and that’s it, your project is complete.

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2.) BigHugeLabs

infographic template


If you are using this infographic maker you can upload your photo direct from your social networking account, from facebook, Instagram or from Flickr photostream. You can upload your photo from your computer also. You can select your title, publication date, magazine layouts and many other with this tool.

1.) FotoJet

infographic maker online


FotoJet gives you an opportunity to create your own beautiful collages, graphics designs, lets you edit your photos and many others. If you want to put yourself on a magazine cover then you have to click on the magazine cover, after that this website takes you to a new page where you can put your photo on famous magazines as Fortune, Time, People, Playboy and much more with just one click.

So, these are some websites and online infographic maker tools for you. We hope that this list has helped you to create your design. All these tools are best but many tools are different from other tools. You can choose any of them whichever suits your needs. If you want to say anything regarding this list you can type in the comment section.




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