Android is an operating system that is loved by billions of people and music is an art which is loved even more than that and what could be a better combination of android phones plus unlimited free and unique music. But there’s a difference here, if you think you’ll have to go through websites for songs then wait a second, we are talking about free music download apps for android here.

free music download apps for android

Why you are here? Obviously you want us to tell you some apps for android that can get you free music but why are you looking for apps rather than visiting websites? That may be because of any of these two reasons:

1.) Operating apps is easier than websites, so saving time and energy is the motto here.

2.) Websites sucks because of irritating and unstoppable pop up ads and fake download buttons.

Well on this note we would like to tell you that within a few months Google will start punishing those websites which shows too many ad pops on mobiles, a breathe of relaxation.

Free Music Download Apps For Android Phones

The apps we are gonna list here are absolutely free to use, there are no hidden charges or fees for using their services, downloading music is also free without any restrictions, which simply means you can use these music downloader apps unlimited number of times.

Lets just begin the countdown.

1.) AudioMack

music download app

An amazing android music app to have installed on your devices. The apps gives you inbuilt music player which allows you to play the music before downloading so that you can decide whether to download it or not.

They have categorized the music according to genre, trends, fresh arrivals. If you are just looking for some random and new music or songs then this categorized app can help you get the latest and trending music.

This app has managed to impress android users quite efficiently and get an average 4.5 rating on Google play store.

2.) SoundCloud

free music downloader

It is one of the biggest and popular free music download apps for android which is also available as website which is as cool and easy as the app. The extent of its popularity can be measured from the fact that it has been downloaded by more than 50 million android users only. If you own an iPhone then there’s an app for iOS too on iTunes store.

It will require your sign in to the app but that’s not an issue since you’re on android so you can sign in with your Google account in a matter of seconds. If you don’t want to download the song to your device then just stream it online within the app.

3.) Music Paradise Pro

This app is not available on Google play store but this app has the ability to give a tough competition to the popular ones like audiomack and SoundCloud.

The app gives you 5 search engines to look out for the song, if you are unable to find a particular music using one search engine then try the second one, chances are you’ll get the song.

4.) 4Shared Music

It is available as app and website version. For those who don’t know what 4Shared is then it is a sharing platform where you can share anything but here we are only talking about music since out motive is to get free MP3 downloads on android.

For those who love Bollywood music this is quite cool as you may get your favorite song on this app.

5.) Free MP3 Downloads

Not as good as others but when it’s about choices then it’s one of them. The app is available in  languages including English, German, Russian, Indonesian, Brazilian, Portuguese & Lithuanian languages.

If you want to download the song of your choice then don’t go for this app but if you like to listen to absolutely new music then you might love this.

6.) Copyleft Music MP3 Download

This free music download app for android is not available on play store but it functions quite well. The database of this app has no song since it is a music search engine, just like Google displays you the link of websites when you type something in, this app gives you the download link from various sources, clicking on download button will start downloading the song without taking you to any other external page.

7.) RockMyRun

This android application is dedicated to those who are die hard fitness fans and want some energetic music to listen while lifting weights or doing other exercises. You may feel somewhat like a DJ since it allows you to change the pace of the song and change the frequency of music, you can adjust the music according to the exercise you are doing.

All of the above free music download apps for android are genuine and are better than other music downloader apps available on google play store and other APK markets which are nothing but a piece of crap.


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