As per current records around 100 billion emails are sent and received everyday and this trend is more likely to increase and these figures are expected to reach a whopping 132 billion emails sent and received per day by 2017. Now you may be receiving some emails from unknown senders. How to get their identity? We’ll perform an email lookup for the purpose.

Well it’s quite an easy tasks, especially today when you have hundreds of useful tools on the web. Some of being very famous worldwide and some not so popular but quite useful and actionable. The motive to perform a reverse email lookup here is just to identify who is the sender behind that email address, that’s it.

Reverse Email Lookup Tools

We’re going to list here some tools which are highly useful and are supposed to find you that sender in a couple of minutes.

email address lookup


1.) Facebook

How can one not include Facebook as one of the topmost resource for doing an email lookup. As of 2016, Facebook has around 1.71 billion monthly active users which is why we consider it as one of the best resource for locating an email address’s sender.

Open your account and search for the email address in Facebook’s search box, if that email is on Facebook with no special privacy applied then you’ll get to know immediately about the sender of that email.

2.) Other Social Networks

Other than Facebook there are other social networks also which are highly popular like Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit etc. You may have received an email from business domain name, for that reason use this method.

Use the tool called KnowEm, it searches over 500 social most social networks and 150 domain names. It may help you.

3.) Use Visual Tracert

free email lookup

This one is a nice tool for locating the location of the sender, this would not tell you about the name but this will tell you the geographical location of the sender.

Don’t paste the exact email address there, open the Gmail email, now click on “More Options” and click on “Show Original”.

ip lookup

This will show all the info, look for “received:From”. If there are more than one IPs in “Received:From” then use the last one for best tracking. Paste that IP address in the tool and get the location.

4.) Network Tools

Another tool to track the IP location of the email sender. Collect the IP address in the same manner as you did for previous tool and paste it here.

5.) Spokeo

reverse email lookup

It’s a tool specially built for tracing email addresses. Reverse email lookup is very easy with Spokeo. Along with reverse email search, it has reverse phone lookup and reverse address search. Reverse phone lookup service is not free but you can get for less than $1.

All of the above mentioned tools are the best one to perform a reverse email lookup and find that unknown person behind that email address.


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