Wireless networks providing you the ability to access the internet anywhere and anytime without having any irritating wires to connect. You wish to have a super fast WiFi network, do all the possible things to set it up so that you can achieve your dream speed and access the internet without any network issues but still there is one more scope to get a better WiFi network, these WiFi analyzer apps, that will help you scan and analyze WiFi for free.

You just need your phone to analyze any WiFi network and why not even your television is equipped with internet facility now. Almost all the laptops today comes with built in WiFi adapters.

How is this possible? This became possible as the prices for Wi-Fi chipset continued to drop (and are very economical today due to this price drop) so that modern gadgets can be loaded with this technology and stay economically affordable side by side.

If all this can happen then why can’t you get a WiFi analyzer which works as a analyzer and scanner for wireless networks. These free WiFi analyzer apps can also help you locate the best channel for your network which will give a boost in your network’s speed.

What’s the basic use of these WiFi analyzer apps? Like said above, these apps will basically perform a channel scan for you and find the least crowded channel but those apps may have other features as well, which totally depends from app to app.

Best Free WiFi Analyzer Apps

Most of the apps in our list are going to be free to use, if there’s any paid one then we’ll mention that along with the WiFi analyzer app description.

  • WiFi Analyzer

free wifi analyzer

One of the simplest and most loved free WiFi Analyzer app by Farpoc. The primary function of this WiFi analyser app is to compare and show all the channels for your wireless network.

It will show the signal strength of those networks and channels, show star ratings for all the network channels which makes it easy for you to decide which channel you should use.

The app’s size is only around 2MB which is not very heavy to install. Reading graphs, seeing readings of signal strength meter is easy with this WiFi analyzer free app.

You can see the IP address, MAC address, frequency of channel to analyze it better way.

Download the app from here.

  • WiFiAnalyzer (Open-Source)

Another useful open source and free WiFi analyzer app to scan nearest channels and give you the cleanest suggestions. Since it is open source, so it has no ads at all and it doesn’t collect any of your personal info.

Here are some of the features of this WiFi channel scanner and analyzer app:

best open source wifi analyzer

– Identify nearby Access Points
– Graph channels signal strength
– Graph Access Point signal strength over time
– Analyze WiFi networks to rate channels
– HT/VHT Detection – 40/80/160MHz (Requires Android OS 6+)
– Access Point view complete or compact
– Pause/Resume scanning

The app has already have more than 1 million downloads and most of the users are quite satisfied with the app’s performance.

Download app from here.

  • WiFi Analyzer by Zoltan

Another useful free WiFi analyzer app you can use. A WiFi scanner cum analyzer app that analyzes your network and warns you if there is any problem.

You get all the important things to know about your WiFi network and it is not that difficult to understand. The app interface has a tab called “best channels”, this makes your work¬†easier. From signal strength to all the channel and WiFi network info, this app gives you everything.

wifi analyser

Here are some of it’s advance features:

* Real-time latency, link speed and signal strength information on the dashboard
* Analyze function: DNS resolving, overlapping networks, latency, signal power and so on.
* Wireless networks on graph
* Detailed information about your network and your access point like the vendor of the AP or the exact frequency and DHCP info.

Marshmallow users would need to turn on the location services to make this app work perfectly.

Download the app from here.

Over To You:

What’s your favorite WiFi scanner and analyzer app to scan WiFi channels and analyze whole network? Keep in mind that we mentioned only free apps, there are paid ones also out there in the app stores. Do let us know which one works the best for you.


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