Meeting with friends is always exciting and full of awesomeness, then why not add some more fun and craziness to this excitement by trying these challenges to do with friends. Even sitting idle with friends doesn’t seem boring then just think of the fun you’ll have doing these challenges with your friends.

The best thing about friends is that you can say anything to them, make fun of them, prank them and still the bond remains as strong as it was before. This list of fun challenges to do requires such sort of friends and this is going to be fun.

Don’t think that the challenges are going to be easy, what’s the fun in easy things? Gear up and make interesting memories, don’t forget to record all the nonsense stuff you are about to begin.

NOTE: Don’t get anyone hurt, take care of yourself and your friends also (after all,what would you do without them).

Fun Challenges to do With Your Friends

Challenges come and go, every other day you’ll see a new trend on the internet and we’ll keep adding those new challenges to the list.

fun challenges to do with friends

So, here we begin with the list of some crazy and awesome challenges to do with friends.

1.) The Food Challenge

Love food? Then why not challenge your friend for food eating competition. Make it more difficult by making it super spicy.

2.) Ice Bucket Challenge

This is an old one but if you can do years old things with your friends then why no this one? It’s for your fun, so, do it and see who in group can do it.

3.) Ridiculous Movie Challenge

Challenge your friends to upload their FB status as “Watching some movie at home”. Challenge them to put the movie name of your choice and it should be the worst but popular third grade movie.

4.) Gallon Milk Challenge

Ever heard of this challenge to do with your friends? No? Then learn about this now and try it. Gallon challenge, is the process of consuming a large amount of milk within a set period of time. Watch how it’s done:

If you’re thinking that why these people are not able to complete the challenge then try to do it, you’ll get to know.

5.) Red Chilies Challenge

Let’s see how many red chilies you can eat, set a time frame and compete with your friends.

6.) Talk With Garlic in Mouth

Challenge your friends to eat one raw garlic and talk to strangers (or their crush) while chewing it. This is going to be the worst thing they would ever do with their crush. It stinks a lot.

7.) Try not to Laugh Challenge

You may have this YouTube challenge a lot. This is an internet challenge, find a funny video and challenge your friends to not laugh at it. Most of the people laugh at least once. If you want to win then make sure the video is funny and long enough to make them laugh.

This is difficult because you are sitting with your best friend.

8.) Blindfold Makeup Challenge

Time to have some fun girls. Would you go out with a messed up makeup? This is the best challenge you can do with your best friend. Want to make it more interesting? Involve guys in this challenge.

9.) Wasabi Challenge

Challenge all your buddies to eat one teaspoon of wasabi in one minute. The one who eats it in lesser time will be the winner.

10.) Raw Onion Challenge

Earlier we told you about raw garlic, now it’s onion. All you have to do is eat a complete raw onion. Easy? Try it first and then decide if it’s easy or not.

11.) Lemon Challenge

Until now you had a taste of garlic, onion and wasabi. Time to activate the sour taste buds. Cut a bunch of lemon and compete with your friends as who can eat the most lemon slices in a particular time frame.

12.) Eat it or Wear it

This is an interesting challenge. This it one of those challenges to do that you can only perform at your home. Why? Watch the video attached and you’ll get to know.

Unlike other challenges related to eatables, this does not have any specific food. It’s up to you what food you want to include in the challenge.

13.) 7 Second Challenge

This involves a lot of challenges to do but within 7 seconds. You and your friends will give you some challenges that you have to complete in 7 seconds, the one who completes most challenges in 7 seconds will be the one to get the winner tag.

Make sure you don’t ask your friends to do something risky that can cause any type of damage.

14.) Roast Yourself

You have often seen people roasting others but have you seen anyone make fun of themselves? This is what the challenge is all about, roast yourself, make fun of yourself and upload a video.

15.) Ice Bath Challenge

If you are not in a mood to do ice bucket challenge or you want to make it more difficult then try out this fun challenge that you can do with your friends.

No matter how hot the weather is, you just can’t sit in a bath tub filled with ice. Make sure you keep some warm clothes with you to cover yourself up when you get out of the tub. Take measure to protect yourself.

16.) Lick My Body Challenge

You may have seem a lot of YouTubers performing this thing. You can also do this without making a video. The idea is that your friend has to guess the body part by licking it (touching their tongue).

You can skip the lick part and make it touch my body challenge.

17.) Ghost Pepper Challenge

Another eating challenge. Have you ever heard of ghost pepper? It is the hottest pepper in the world and you would go crazy after eating this. This is indeed dangerous if you consume it more, so stay in limits and keep the protective measures ready.

Just look at him eating this Indian ghost pepper, he can’t even talk properly after it. So, stay safe.

Some other fun challenges to do With Your Friends

You can try these challenges also that you can do with your friends.

  • Cinnamon challenge
  • 100 Layer Challenge
  • Whisper Challenge
  • Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge
  • Not My Hands challenge
  • Yoga Challenge
  • The Shadow Puppet Challenge
  • No Thumbs Challenge
  • Baby Food Challenge
  • Blindfolded Drawing Challenge
  • Egg Drop Challenge
  • Popsicle Stick And Cup Tower Challenge
  • Oreo Challenge
  • Pizza Challenge
  • Bubble Gum Challenge
  • Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge
  • Blindfolded Hairstyle Challenge
  • No Mirror Makeup Challenge
  • Foot Ice Bath Challenge
  • Chubby Bunny

What’s your favorite out of these challenges to do with friends? All of them are good and interesting and we are repeating it keep the safety measures ready and don’t hurt anyone while doing these challenges with your friends.


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