Game killer APK, an app that lets you modify you the games on your android phone in various ways. This is basically a cheat and hack app which is made especially to make some cheats in the android games, that’s the only use of Gamekiller app.

Game killer is an absolutely free app that works by injecting the code from the background while the game is running, allowing you to modify whatever values you want.

It shows a transparent screen within the game where you can search for the values and change them.

Game Killer APK App

If you came here searching for the game killer APK then you probably you already know about the features of this app, but if you don’t know then allow us to give you an idea about the game killer APK.

game killer apk logo

Let’s suppose, you are playing Subway surfers, which is one of the best free games without WiFi. Now, it offers limited lives, with game killer APK, you can increase those number of lives to as many as you want.

Adding more to it, you can also attain the highest score possible to show off.

GameKiller App Features

Let’s see what you can do with the game killer app.

  1. Get unlimited coins and gems.
  2. Increase number of lives as per your wish.
  3. Get the impossible highest score.
  4. Languages supported: English and Chinese
  5. Play all games without limitations.

These features are enough to convince any gamer to download game killer APK app.

Download Game Killer APK [Updated Version]

You can download gamekiller app from here for free and begin the installation on your phone.

game killer

Game Killer Download link.

Cons of Game Killer APK

Just like any other thing, this game cheats app also has some limitations and cons about which you should definitely know.

  • It requires rooting of your android phone, won’t work without root. It needs full access which you can get only after rooting the phone.
  • Works with offline games only because the data for most online games are stored in the servers online which is hard to modify.

These are 2 cons of this app, if you are okay with rooting and want to use it for offline games only then download it right now.


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