Google dinosaur game, this google t rex game seems to have to be popular these days. That’s for two main reasons because nowadays almost everyone has the internet connection and they also have internet connection problems. Doesn’t matter how much costly or better internet connection you have, you may face connection problems at any time because that’s not in your control.

Nowadays almost everyone surfs the internet, someone uses the internet for fun, to enjoy or entertain himself, and someone uses the internet to work because many people earn money from the internet. So whenever we saw the no internet connection page we feel sad, we frustrate and it seems like google feels our problem that’s why google has launched Google dinosaur game.

Google has tried to convert our frustration into fun and google has succeeded this try. Whenever our internet connection gets down google provides the dinosaur game. This dinosaur game is a T-rex game and this game is very simple and don’t have any high graphics our sound but this t rex game can keep you busy for some time and you will forget about your internet connection issue while playing this game.

Google Dinosaur Game – t rex

Now, how you can play this game? The best part of this game is you can play this game offline and you don’t need to install this game on your computer.

  • First, you will need the latest google chrome browser.
  • Now, To play google dinosaur game you need NO INTERNET CONNECTION because this game can be played offline. So to play this fun game, you have to disconnect your internet connection.
  • You can disconnect your internet connection by just unplugging the internet cable from your computer or if you are connected via wifi then just click on the wifi connection and disconnect your computer from wifi.

1. Now, if you are disconnect then just open any website, for example open then you will see a page like this.

Google dinosaur game2. Now to play this t rex game just hit the ‘SPACEBAR’ and you will see the dinosaur in the image will start moving.

t rex game

3. Now, you will see the dinosaur will start running and you will see the road and obstacles will coming close to that dinosaur. Now, you just have to save your dinosaur from those coming obstacles by tapping ‘SPACEBAR’.

4. The control keys to control the dinosaur are- ‘SPACEBAR’ to JUMP and ‘DOWN ARROW KEY’ to BEND the dinosaur.

5. This game is about how far you can go and how much score you can make. You can beat your own high score by playing again and again.

6. When you will make a good score then this google dinosaur game will go in the dark mode and that will give you more fun and entertainment.

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This game is fun and addictive game, you will enjoy this. This game will definitely keep you busy and put your frustration away.

That’s all you have to do to play this fun game. If you have any questions related to this article then don’t forget to ask in the comment section below.

After playing this game don’t forget to give your feedback about this game in the comment section.


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