Node.js is a powerful open source platform which is build on google’s chrome javascript engine, which is the V8 engine. This post is for those readers who want to install Node.js and want to know ‘how to install Node js on windows’.

Developers uses Node.js for developing server-side and networking applications. Node.js is also used to make single page applications, videos streaming sites and some other web-applications. Developers writes Node.js applications into javascript.

Node.js can be used in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems but this is about how to install node js on windows.

How To Install Node js On Windows


First of all, you need to go on Node.js official download page and download the Node.js. You can download it from HERE.

We will give you step by step knowledge on how to install node.js on windows with images so you can understand easily.

After that, this page will appear.

How to install node.js

Then simply click on the version you need and downloading will start automatically.

Now, open the downloaded fileĀ and your windows will start to installing Node.js.

Install Node.js

After that you will see this

install node js on windows

Then Click on next and this window will appear.

How to install node.js

Now, here you can change the way of Node.js feature which will install on your hard driveĀ and you can see how much disk space it will use from your hard drive.

how to install Node js on windows

Now click on install to begin the installation.

install node.js on windows 7

When the install complete just click on finish. That’s it You have just installed Node.js on your computer.

To open the Node.js click on start menu icon and type Node.

how to install node.js on windows 7

Now just click on Node and your Node.js window will appear

How to install node js on windows

Here it is now you can use Node.js and do your work.

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We hope this page will help you to install node.js and clear your ‘how to install Node js on windows’ problem. if you want to add something in this or want to say anything about this then don’t feel shy to say, just type in the comment section below.



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