Looking to get into blogging industry? Seems a good idea but how do you start it? For a professional it’s very easy to start a blog and write a blog post but for a complete beginner it’s not less than a rocket science except it’s nothing like rocket science. Once you get into this, creating a blog will be as easy as winking for you. To help you in every aspect of setting up a blog we have created this “STEP by STEP Complete Beginner Guide on How to Start A Blog”.

This is going to be interesting and full of knowledge so better spare out some time and you can even bookmark this page for further guidance. The journey to creating your first ever blog has begun, tighten your seat belts as this is going to be the most entertaining and useful journey for you till today. But, how to start a blog website? The answer is written below in this 2300+ words guide on how to make a blog.

TDW’s Tips For You:

i.) Please make sure you don’t skip anything in this page, there’s a lot of knowledge ahead.

ii.) This is a giveaway for you: After reading this article if you face any problems or have any doubts just send us an email and we will try to help you out in starting your blog as soon as possible.

How to Start A Blog Easily

One thing you should understand first is that there are a lot of things that can be done with a blog and it can be made a website similar to a brand but for that you need to start out, you need to have a blog. Only after that you can do further things, so first learn how to make a blog and then after that you can customize it or make changes according to your needs.

how to start a blog guide

Now, creating a blog need some ingredients just like you take sugar, milk, water, tea leaves whenever you want to make a tea. Creating a blog is like creating a dish with your own recipe. The ingredients you will need here are:

  • Deciding your niche
  • Choosing your blogging platform
  • Selecting your domain name/brand name
  • Selecting a reliable hosting company
  • WordPress Installation
  • Giving your blog a design
  • Finishing up

These 7 ingredients are necessary to make a blog and start blogging.

Don’t worry if this seem alien to you, we’ll be explaining everything in detail for you and when we say everything we really mean it.

Get yourself a cup of coffee and start reading every crucial thing mentioned below about how to make a blog and start a blogging. Blogging can be done to make money online and just as a hobby also, in both cases, this is how you setup a brand new blog within a couple of minutes.

Complete Guide to Create A Blog

Let’s explore and understand every bullet point written above in detail, we’ll also give you the recommendations on what you should opt for.

1.)  Deciding Your Niche

decide blog niche

This is the beginning of your blogging career. Don’t ask us, instead, ask yourself what you wanna write and what you can write about. What knowledge you want to share with the world. It can be anything like fashion, health, fitness, technology, gaming, computers, gadgets etc.

To define niche in simple words, it means category/field. Around what subject you want to build your blog? For a moment let us suppose you are too good with android phones and know everything about it, from its little hacks to all the apps, you know a lot about android and this is what that interests you. So, you can start a blog about android specifically.

Don’t go like “I will keep everything in my blog, from movies to technology to health”, don’t do this mistake. First, start with a narrow niche and decide what you want to write about. There is scope in literally every field and you will get an audience.

Now, we believe you have decided what topic you have to pick up for your blog. If so, then let’s move on the next section.

2.) Choosing Your Blogging Platform

You already know what you want to blog about. Now the question is what is the platform that allows you to get your blog ready? We’ll explain it to you.

Suppose you want to take some notes then what would you need? A notepad, right? Similarly you have the content to publish but you need a platform that can manage that content and it is called “Content Management System” or “CMS”.

Now, this is something you need to understand, so, read it carefully.

There are lots of platform that you can use but the best one is “WordPress”. It may seem a new name to you but it won’t be once we teach you.

You will be surprised to know that WordPress still powers the web and most of the websites on the entire internet today are built on WordPress platform and it is safe and secure as well.

Wait! Don’t rush. You’ve read a lot of content by now and you must be tired. Take a deep breath, now let’s begin again.

Now, there are 2 types of WordPress platforms:

  1. Hosted
  2. Self-hosted

start a wordpress blogTo give you a clear and short answers, you should go for “Self-hosted” always because that gives you freedom to do whatever you want to do with your website without any restriction. It is totally yours and no one has right over it except you. We hope that is enough to make you understand why self hosted is good.

You must be thinking what the heck does hosted and self-hosted mean? Your question and frustration is genuine. We’ll help you know.

  1. Hosted: This is wordpress.com and you don’t have the full right here. Your website is hosted/managed on some other website which won’t give you full access to all the features.
  2. Self-hosted: This is wordpress.org and you have full right here. This WordPress is open source and you can use in anyway you want to. In fact you can make changes to its core files and no one will question you ever.

Did you notice the difference? Hosted is wordpress.com and Self-hosted is wordpress.org (absolutely free to use).

Now you know that you need a self-hosted wordpress based blog, you must be rushing to WordPress.org to download the CMS, right? No, don’t do it because in our further steps we will tell you how you can get WordPress installed on your website without even making a single mouse click. Just stay tuned.

3.) Deciding Your Domain Name

What’s your identity? Your name, right? That goes with the website as well. Our identity is “The Digital Worm”, this is our brand name. What should be yours? This is what you have to decide.

start a blog brand

Tip: Keep it short, easy to remember and somewhat related to your website niche. For example, let’s say your name is Naomi and you blog about fashion, then it could be Naomifashion.com. Just a quick suggestion. One more thing, try to get .com, .org or .net. Although it doesn’t make a difference to search engine but it does a difference to people.

Finding it difficult to decide the brand name? Try this tool, it gives suggestions related to your niche and input.


Now, you have decided what domain name you want to register and probably want to see if it’s available or not.

A domain will cost you around $10 or less and you can buy it from Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock or any other domain registrar. Godaddy is easy to use and handle.

Wait! Don’t buy it now. Before buying read our next 4th point, you may get a free domain without spending even a penny. We know money means a lot and we help you save as much as possible.

4.) Selecting a Reliable Hosting Company

This one if very important and you should not ignore it any cost. We said creating a blog is like making tea. This (hosting) is the tea pan where you will put all the ingredients. Every file of your website/blog will be stored here and this is the thing that will load, execute and provide to anyone who visits your website. It’s called servers.

So, it is very important that you choose a reliable and fast hosting company. Would you want to see your website keep on loading and never open? If not then choose the hosting wisely.

We have manually and personally tried tens of hosting companies and based on our YEARS of experience we will recommend you a host which you can blindly trust upon.

We have tried almost every big hosting company like bluehost, hostgator, inmotion hosting, TMD hosting, Siteground etc. What we recommend? Here yo go:

  1. TMD Hosting
  2. Siteground

Why? Probably a question in your head. We’ll give you a short answer about every company. Read it carefully.

i.) Bluehost: Customer support sucks and if you are newbie you will face a lot of problems. They won’t help you at all and it is quite slow.

ii.) Hostgator: Same problem as bluehost’s. Extremely slow and unprofessional.

iii.) Inmotion hosting: Support is awesome but this server can’t handle much traffic, good for beginners only.

iv.) TMD Hosting: Very fast support, reliable servers, helps you in every problem.

v.) Sitegound: Same quality as Siteground.

BONUS: If you go with TMD hosting then you’ll get a free domain also (remember we said we can help you save money and you won’t to register a domain name, here it is). Unfortunately, Siteground doesn’t offer a free domain with its plans.


TMD Hosting: Sign up using this link and you will get affordable hosting starting at just $2.85/month with a 60 day money back guarantee.
Speed up your site performance today, Free site transfer, same renewal price

Sitegound: Sign up using this link and you’ll get up to 60% off on regular prices.
Web Hosting

5.) WordPress Installation

By now, you already know that you need WordPress to start a blog and a hosting company. Now, you need to install WordPress. Seems tough for a beginner? It may seem very tough in fact.

This is why we advised you for those hosting companies. Just buy any from above recommended hosing companies at discounted price, sign in your to account and ask them to install WordPress for you on your website. They will do it in a couple of minutes and will even guide you how to login, change password etc. This is the power of a good customer support.

It’s done. You can login any time you want to. Yeah, feels good to see the back end of your website? It’s not over yet, let us begin to the final steps of the guide on how to make a blog and start blogging.

6.) Giving Your Blog A Design

Time to bring in the tea example again. Suppose you visit someone’s house and they make a tea for you. You will be honored by their hospitality but what if they bring that tea in a dirty cup/glasses? What if that cup is broken and stinky? You will feel frustrated and you probably wouldn’t go to their place again. Right?

Same goes with the blog, if your visitors don’t like your design or get confused by it then they probably won’t come back ever. Remember, first impression is the last impression and make sure that first impression is mind blowing so that they come back always.

The thing that gives your WordPress a design is called “THEME”. You need a wordpress theme here. There are tons of free themes available on the net but we strictly recommend that you always go for the premium.

Why? 2 reasons: First, premium themes gives you support which will help you do any customization or solve any problem. Second, they are coded beautifully giving a super design and amazing features.

creating blog

What we recommend? We recommend that you get a beautiful design from mythemeshop, we have activated the deal and you will get huge discount after signing up through us.

Are you on a tight budget, don’t worry they have free themes as well.

They give you awesome support and they are one of the most trusted in this industry with over 368,000 customers, that’s huge.

TIP: Don’t try to get cracked theme files for premium themes from torrent or any other site, those may be malicious and can harm your whole blog.

7.) Finishing it up!

You have hosting, installed WordPress and now you have a beautiful blog design as well. Now, just install that theme by logging into your WordPress dashboard and your blog is ready.

Don’t know how to customize it? That’s we asked you to get a premium one, just visit mythemeshop’s support forum and ask them anything you want to do. They will be always there to help you.

This is how you make and start a WordPress blog. Seems easy, isn’t it?

Let’s give it a quick flashback.

Quick Steps on How To Start a Blog

  • Decide the topic you want to blog about.
  • Buy a hosting account from TMD hosting, Siteground or inmotion hosting for as low as $2.85/month.
  • Register a domain name (you get free domain with TMD hosting) from Godaddy.
  • Ask your hosting company to install WordPress on your website, they will do it as long you are on TMD or Siteground.
  • Get a beautiful blog design from mythemeshop at discount prices here.
  • Install the theme on your blog and start blogging.

You have made your first ever WordPress blog. Cheers!

This long and detailed guide was the answer to your 5 word question “How to start a blog”. It is simple once you get the method and now you know that it’s not a rocket science to create or make a blog website. Happy blogging.


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