You don’t need any introduction to Whatsapp, it’s the most popular messaging app till today. The app is quite simple yet powerful. It just started from a mere messaging app and now it has video calling, voice calling, stories like SnapChat, GIF support, etc. But, did you ever think that it could be used as a cloud storage as well?

Yes, you read it right. You can use the Whatsapp app as your own private storage device which can store your important files like images, videos, music, documents. This would be one of the best ways to keep all the files safe in one place.

Our phone’s data is so unorganized that we hardly can find anything out of it, this trick will help you keep all the important data in one single place in your own Whatsapp private storage area, you can call it cloud storage but actually it’s not like that.

There are some limitations to it:

  • You are using your own mobile as the private storage device.
  • The files are there until you delete it from the whatsapp or if your Whatsapp gets deleted, then all of your files will also be deleted.
  • In case your phone is gone then, your files are gone.

Then why should you use this trick? Simple, to keep it organized. This is a productivity tip as well, there are some files that we need to send every other day to our contacts on Whatsapp, this trick will help you send them those files without leaving Whatsapp or searching for those files in File Manager.

Use Whatsapp as Virtual Private Cloud Storage

whatsapp as free private storage

The steps are quite simple and after them you’ll say I already knew this. Yes, you already know about this, but you haven’t thought of this thing in this manner.

Just follow these easy and familiar steps.

1.) Open Whatsapp and create a new group. That’s easy, right?

2.) Select only one contact from the list whom you want to add in the group. You can select anyone.

3.) Once you have selected the group member, create the group. Now, there are 2 members in that group, you and your friend.

4.) Remove your friend immediately after creating the group. (You can tease them later on saying that group was for your other friends, I added you by mistake)

5.) Now, there is only one member in the group and that’s you.

6.) Send all those important files in this group, only you’ll have access to them.

Even if you delete those files from your phone, they will stay there in the group because those files are now in the Whatsapp’s “Sent” folder.

That means you can delete them and still have them. Without doing a manual copy paste, you created a copy by just sending the file to a Whatsapp group.

This is a great time saver since you can access those files from your computer also by opening Whatsapp web and vice versa.

All of your important files are now in a private storage within your phone. Deleting from one place won’t delete them.

The trick is simple, you might have created many groups before but, this is more like a professional purpose.

Enjoy this Whatsapp trick of creating a virtual private storage within your phone and don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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