A picture without captions is incomplete. Whether you are uploading that picture on Instagram, Facebook or on Whatsapp stories even, a caption tells people that you feel about that particular picture, the thoughts that came to your mind after looking at a picture are depicted by that caption. We’ll help in doing that by providing you some awesome Instagram captions.

There is something in your heart that you want to convey through your picture then captions help you convey that. Instagram being one of the largest photo sharing social media platform, it’s good to have an image caption instead of leaving it blank.

For that purpose, here are some Instagram captions that you can use on almost all type of pictures. Whether you are uploading your selfie, a random photograph you have take, a picture with your friends or you need a caption for couples, here is the list of some good Instagram captions that can be used anywhere and on any  picture (almost).

List of Instagram Captions

Just because we said it’s Instagram captions, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it anywhere else, of course you can use these captions for pictures anywhere.

instagram captions

To make it easier to read and understand, we have divided the list into few sub-categories, you can just jump over to your category and get your Instagram captions there.

  1. Funny Instagram captions
  2. Cute Instagram Captions for couples
  3. Selfie Captions for Instagram
  4. Instagram captions for friends

We have covered everything all types of captions in these, since pictures never get old and the trend is always changing, so we will be updating this list of captions for pictures from time to time.

Let’s now start with the list of these best Instagram captions that will make your pictures even more interesting and help you convey the feelings you have for that particular image.

1. Funny Captions

Starting with the very first sub-category i.e funny captions for Instagram pictures, let’s begin with this one first.

  • “Rain drop, Drop top, all I do is eat nonstop.” Let the world know that you are a hardcore foodie.
  • “I got your reports today, you are lacking vitamin ME.”
  • “When Instagram was down, I ran around town shouting “like” at flowers, dogs, and expensive brunches.” That’s exactly the way of showing appreciation now a days.
  • “I don’t always study, but when I do, wait, I don’t study.”
  • “Don’t be ashamed of who you are, that’s your parent’s job”. Ouch that hurts.
  • “Me everyday-Slay. Me in December-Sleigh.”
  • “Everything happens for a reason but sometimes the reason is you’re stupid and you make bad decisions.”
  • “Alcohol you later.” Did you get that? Read it like “I’ll call you later”, now you get that?
  • “Life is short, smile while you have teeth.”
  • “How I feel when there is no coffee? Depreso.” It’s specially for coffee addicts.
  • “Why be moody when you can shake your booty.”
  • “Dating is cool but have you ever tried stuffed crust pizza?”
  • I’ll try to fit in, I was born to stand out.”
  • “Even the fun I am having is horrible.”
  • “Friday is still my second favorite F word.”
  • “Don’t scare me else you would have to clean my pants.”
  • If you’re bad, then I am your dad.”

2. Cute Instagram Captions for Couples

Allow us to help you express your love and emotions with these awesome cute captions for couples. There are also some captions that you can use for your own pictures as well.

  • So many of my smiles begin with you.
  • All that you are is that I will ever need.
  • Always better together.
  • I never want to stop making memories with you.
  • You are the reason I believed in love which I thought never existed.
  • You don’t even have the slightest idea how much I love you.
  • That warm and fuzzy feeling called love? I found it, here’s what it looks like..
  • Being crazy alone is no fun, so we decided to get crazy together.
  • Like rain, I fell for you.
  • Making memories with you, is my favorite thing to do.
  • You are the perfect idiot for me.
  • I won’t cheat on you, I won’t do you wrong, I won’t want to stop talking to you. I won’t want to leave you for anyone else. I won’t do anything to hurt you. I chose you and that means I only want you, no one else.
  • But I will never find another you.
  • A relationship is like a house. When a light bulb burns out, you don’t go and buy a new house, you fix the light bulb.
  • You put your arms around me and I am home.
  • And in the middle of my chaos, there was you.
  • Be someone’s Sunday, not Saturday night.
  • The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take serious.
  • I am a hard person to love, but when I love, I love really hard.
  • I made a wish and you cam true.
  • Wish I could go back in time, not to change shits, just to feel couple of things twice.
  • Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.
  • Because being the sane and sophisticated couple is too mainstream.
  • I used to think relationships are shit, then I met you.
  • I was having a bad day and then you called.

3. Selfie Captions for Instagram Selfies

Selfies are being uploaded on every social media like hell, while you are reading this, millions of selfies are being shared and after reading this, you will also upload your selfie on the Instagram or any other social media app.

Let’s see if we have some selfie captions for your selfies.

  • Live, Love, Laugh. If that doesn’t work, Load, Aim and Fire.
  • All good things are wild and free.
  • Dope days, chill nights, good company, and mellow vibes.
  • She was simple like quantum physics.
  • Why chase you when I am the catch.
  • Smile a little more, regret a little less.
  • On this day, a queen was born.
  • Eat the sphagetti to forgetti your regretti.
  • I love the morning without an alarm.
  • Escape the ordinary.
  • Ordinary? What?
  • Many have an image of me, few get the picture.
  • You get what you allow.
  • Thick thighs and pretty eyes.
  • Go wild, for a while.
  • So blunt you ca smoke my truth.
  • There’s always a wild side to an innocent face.
  • Sexy pictures, crazy times, sisters at heart and partners in crime.
  • I love people who make me forget that I am shy.
  • She was a storm, not the kind you run from, the kind you chase.
  • Be easy to love, hard to break and impossible to forget.
  • Everything has changed and yet I am more me than I have ever been.
  • Never do the same mistake twice, unless he’s hot.
  • Not everyone likes me, not everyone matters.
  • Don’t like me? Follow this path: Profile >> UNFOLLOW. (Click here to know who unfollowed you Instagram.)
  • Today I will be as useless as the “g” in Lasagna.
  • Stress doesn’t really go with my outfit.

4. Instagram Captions for Friends

Until now, we have covered all the awesome quotes and good Instagram captions, now it’s time to list some captions for friends, you can use these captions for your friends group, your bff or casual friends also.

  • I used to hate idiots, then I met you.
  • He’s my best friend, you break his heart and I will break your face.
  • Meet my partner in crime and brother at heart.
  • There’s no one else in this world who could insult me in my face.
  • I would walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in a light.
  • Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone.
  • No one would ever know how crazy we are together.
  • If anyone sees us doing this crazy stuff, they would throw us in a mental hospital.
  • I promise to never get offended when you insult me, rather I would just give you a pretty smile and say something more offensive.
  • Hard times with friends? What’s that?
  • Never let go your friends, they know all the darkest secrets of yours.
  • Want to see me at my best? Check out my Insta pictures. Want to see the worst? Check out my friend’s gallery.
  • I don’t know what’s tighter, my jeans or our friendship.
  • Best friends never care if your house is clean, all they care about is if you have food or not.
  • I love you more than free WiFi and bucket full of chocolates.
  • Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me, then I realize it’s me who put up with you.
  • Life was meant for good friends and great adventure.
  • Even looking at a wall seems interesting when I am with my friends.
  • Not friends, not enemies, just some strangers with some memories.
  • You call it chaos, we call it Friends.
  • You can’t do epic shit with basic people.
  • I can’t really see another squad trying to cross us.

So, that’s all with Instagram captions that you can use for any kind of picture. We will keep this list of awesome, good, savage, funny, and cute Instagram captions updated.

In the mean time, tell us which Instagram captions you are going to steal away from this list.


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