Internet download manager is an awesome download manager but paid and not everyone loves the paid things. However, you can definitely get internet download manager for free but there is no guarantee of the file being safe and not corrupted.

Your browser has a default download manager but that is not good enough to manage all the downloaded files and is not feature rich as these external download managers.

We’re going to list some of the best and free download manager that you can use to manage all your downloads. Most of them are free to use and offer awesome features along with good download speed.

Free Download Manager for Smooth Downloading

You already know that using the default browser’s download manager is not a good choice, especially when the file size is big. If you think that download manager has no effect on the downloading speed then you are definitely wrong because it does have an effect. You can see it yourself by trying any of these free download manager and browser’s download manager to download the same file.

The speed and time taken will be different. Here you go with the list of some lightweight and free internet download manager.

1.) Internet Download Manager

Let’s begin with the paid one, IDM. This download manager indeed is good but paid that’s why people opt for some free alternatives. But, if you can spend some money then this would be an amazing choice to go for.

internet download manager

IDM is feature rich and provides you tons of useful features that you probably won’t get in any free download manager. Have a look at some of its useful features:

  • Download Speed Acceleration

This can increase your download speed up to 5 times by using dynamic file segmentation technology.

  • Virus Protection

You don’t know whether a file contains virus or not before downloading. Internet download manager can automatically run an antivirus scan to make sure the file is clean. You are protected with IDM.

  • Drag and drop

With this feature you can directly take the links of files you want to download and drop in the IDM. This is not a unique feature and it is also available in other download managers we are going to list after this.

  • Proxy server support

This indeed is a very useful feature for those who run proxies.

Some other awesome features: Download scheduler, direct video downloads from sites like YouTube, mySpaceTV, download resume, advanced browser integration etc.

Now you know why they are charging few bucks for their services, the package starts at $11.95 per year for 1 PC. You can also go for $25 package with lifetime license.

Frankly speaking, this is not a bad deal.

OS Supported: Windows, MAC, Linux

2.) Free Download Manager

This can be a great alternative to internet download manager and the best part is it if free to use. The download speed it offers in it’s free version is worth appreciating.

free download manager

Despite being free it offers some cool features to attract users. Some of it’s features include:

  • Acceleration speed for faster download.
  • Resume and pause downloads.
  • Manage all downloads in one window.
  • BitTorrent support
  • Enhanced audio/video files support (preview before download is finished).
  • Traffic usage adjustment
  • Portable mode (use on other computer with portable mode without installing and configuring)
  • Much more…

If you are looking for a free download manager that can give you a good UI and speed for downloading, then go for this one. However, there is one problem with this, sometimes it is not able to locate file on remote server.

OS Supported: Windows and MAC

Download FDM.

3.) EagleGet Download Accelerator and Manager

You will be surprised to see the download speed of this freeware download manager. The software is absolutely free to use and it gives you attractive features with a freeware license.

eagleget download manager

Have a look at the features Eagleget is offering:

* Accelerate downloads by using multi-threaded technology.
* Support MMS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RTSP protocols.
* Built-in download scheduler for multiple queues.
* Batch downloads function with clipboard capture.
* Automatic refresh expired download address.
* Support HTTP and SOCKET proxy.
* Support fully customized User-Agent.
* Monitor running and completed tasks with TaskMonitor.
* Supports drag-and-drop to rearrange the priority of downloads.
* Automatic run virus scan after download.
* Automatic convert media format after download.
* Convenient task properties panel.
* Detailed connection log for each task.
* Shutdown, hibernate or sleep computer after completing all transfers.
* Built-in speed limiter.
* Flexible notification configurations and Silent Mode (Game Mode) function.
* Import download lists from other download managers.

You can also get its chrome extension.

OS Supported: Windows

Download EagleGet.

4.) JDownloader

This is a free and open source download manager which is available for all the major platforms including Windows, MAC and Linux.

If you just need a free download manager without any fancy features except for the features of resuming and pausing downloading, then go for this open source downloading manager.

Download Jdownloader.

5.) FlashGet Download Manager

This download manager software claims that it can increase the speed of downloading up to 6-10 times by using Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation technique .

The software uses minimal resources of your computer and won’t cause any speed issues since it is very lightweight.

You can make it fancier by using some skins provided by the Flashget and there are some addons which can use to enhance its features.

For Torrent fans, it also supports BitTorrent clients which means it can handle torrent downloads as well. It can call antivirus automatically after the download finishes to scan the downloaded files and check for any virus.

It Support HTTP,FTP,BT,eMule and other various protocols.

Download FlashGet.

6.) Orbit Downloader

A simple yet powerful download manager that gives you various features for free. It is one of those free download managers that provide proxy server support. Just like Internet Download Manager, it also provides you with ability to download social media files like music and YouTube HTML5 videos directly.

Not to forget, it also allows you to resume and pause downloads. The UI is easy to understand and quite lightweight.

It supports all popular browsers including FireFox 3. A nice alternative to internet download manager which has all the useful features that a normal downloading requires.

Download Orbit.


Which download manager suits you depends on your needs. However, all of free download manager are a great alternative to the paid one i.e Internet Download Manager. Whatever manager you choose, it will definitely provide you better speed and features than you browser’s default download manager.


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