Kissanime, the website where you can watch anime online for free without any limitations. Kiss Anime has a lot of anime series to watch. Apart from watching online anime on Kissanime, you can also read Manga and novels.

You get to watch the subbed and dubbed versions of anime on kiss anime website. We also listed some other websites to watch dubbed anime online previously.

Now, the main point is, which kissnaime website is genuine and working? Just like any streaming site, this site also managed to get a lot of mirrors and copy sites.

No need to worry, we will tell you which is the best and working kissanime website where you can watch anime online for free. Along with that, we will also provide you some alternatives to it also so that your anime watching session isn’t disturbed.

Kissanime-Working Website to Watch Anime Online


People usually ask, what happened to kissnaime? Is it down? That may happen from time to time and every time if you are on the wrong website.

Here we have got the right kissnaime website to watch free anime online and apart from that, some other alternatives to watch anime series online.


Both these kiss anime sites are working perfectly, they are exactly the same. The logo, database, navigation, almost everything is same.

There is a little difference we noticed and that was the had fewer items on the menu, no links for manga and novels, and the asks you to complete the captcha before proceeding to the streaming player.

Also, offers you 3 different qualities to stream videos in, 360p, 480p, and 720p, whereas, doesn’t provide any quality options but it’s fairly good to see every animation clearly.

Everything else is exactly the same, the media player is also same and the way all the anime series are arranged is also same.

Anime Series List on Kiss Anime

Being one of the most popular websites to watch free anime online, kiss anime has almost every anime show and movie on its database.

Whether it’s Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto, Angel Beats, Bleach or any other anime name in your mind.

So, you should not worry about that whether you will get your favorite anime to watch on kissnaime or not because you’re going to get it here for full streaming.

Anime Websites Alternatives For You

Now, we know that the kiss anime website may get down but that shouldn’t stop you from watching your favorite anime series online.

It also went down for a few seconds when we were testing it.

For that purpose, we have listed here some alternatives anime websites to stream anime online for free.

These anime streaming sites might not be as big as kissnaime, but good enough to help you when kiss anime isn’t working.

1.) and, both are the same sites.

Another one of the biggest anime websites to stream anime online for free. It has a lot of stuff to offer to anime fans.

You can sort the anime series according to their genre, check out their schedules, look for anime movies, shows, special episodes.

The best part is it keeps the database updated regularly which can help you watch the latest anime shows online as soon as it hits the internet.

Talking about speed, then it’s pretty fast, in our testing it worked faster than for 720p video quality.

There is a unique thing in the media player of 9anime which is rarely on any other anime website and that is the ability to hide the ads on the sidebar (if you are not watching it on full screen).

We would like to give it a thumbs up for the quality of anime videos and choice of anime series.


Chia anime is an amazing website to watch anime online and a great alternative to kiss anime website.

Apart from anime series, you can also watch manga, anime movies, and download anime soundtracks also.

One thing that we disliked about it was that it doesn’t have the dubbed version.

The series and shows are arranged properly with thumbnails so you could know which episode to watch.

To watch the anime online on mobile, you can use


It is a little difficult to find the anime shows through browsing their list because there is no alphabetical order, so the best way to find your anime series is by using their search bar, type the name and it will display all the anime with that name.

You would appreciate that this anime website does not irritate with lots of ad pop-ups, obviously, there are ads but bearable.

Again, it doesn’t have the dubbed anime version. If you are okay with the subbed version, then it is a good site for you, else check out our other kissanime recommendations and alternatives.


Previous 2 listed anime websites don’t have dubbed anime, so we are listing here a kiss anime alternative that has dubbed anime.

even, the latest anime that are going on are here to watch. You get to choose the quality of video from 480p to 1080p.

When it comes to watching dubbed anime online, it’s one of our favorite site apart from kissanime.


Apart from allowing you to stream anime online, it also allows you to download anime as well, one of the few websites to offer downloads via their sister site.

Now, talking about the speed and database, it nearly has all the anime series for you, just like kissanime.

If you are a hardcore anime fan, then you can also join the anime forum for more discussions about it.

Their data is up to date and you can find the latest anime episodes here.

Indeed, a good site like kissanime to watch free anime online.


It’s good but definitely not as good as kissanime website. The reason we are saying this is because it doesn’t have all the anime series, some are missing, for example, Dragon Ball series is not there, at least not on the list.

There is no option to find the anime by typing its name, which makes it difficult to find the anime you want to watch.

If you can find your favorite anime on this site, then it’s good, otherwise, use kissnaime or any other site like that for unlimited anime streaming.


You must be feeling overwhelmed with so many choices to watch online anime for free, but we have got some more.

This one is nice and we liked it personally. The list of anime is quite large, with fewer ads and fast speed, it is the one that we would definitely recommend for watching anime online.

You can also download their Android app to watch anime on your android phones easily, it’s on their website.

We wish that they had given the choice of quality but it’s fairly good for the speed it loads is quite fast.

You can definitely rely on this for watching anime along with Kissanime anime streaming website.


We have to admit that this one works pretty fast. You may not have heard of this before but it’s good with all the popular and major anime series, they also have an android app for you.

The quality of the anime video is absolutely fine, the speed is good, the list of anime is very large, it has everything that takes an anime site to be in the race.

We would definitely recommend this one apart from kissanime to watch anime online.

One major thing that we liked about this is that it doesn’t have pop-up ads, rather than it shows ads in YouTube-style which you can skip in 5 seconds. They have an anime streaming android app also.

Over to You

Kissanime is an awesome website to watch free anime online, it is one of the most popular sources for streaming online anime. You can also try other sites to stream anime series, still kiss anime website stands at the top when it comes to watching online anime.


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