Who would not want the full control over the apps they have installed on their android devices but unfortunately you can’t until and unless you do something like this. You can get into a device by rooting it and you can further get into them using lucky patcher apk app. This is the app that can give a clear insight into the features and functioning of apps, even ads.

Lucky patcher as of now if totally free to use and you can get it’s APK to your android device but there is something you need to do before getting this APK app.

Requirements for Lucky Patcher APK App

There are only two requirements and those are:

These are the only requirements for this app to work, sorry for those who don’t want to root their app.

Features of Lucky Patcher App

So what does Lucky patcher app do? Although an idea was given above about the functioning and features of app but here we are going to write about all the features lucky patcher apk app will give you.

lucky patcher apk app

  1. It gives you control over the ads. Free apps usually comes with interstitial ads or pop up ads which you can’t stop without ad blockers (those are also not 100% working). Lucky patcher gives you access to block those ads, even the Google ads.
  2. Uninstall pre-installed apps. Android devices comes with some system apps which are pre-installed and you can’t remove them, but lucky patcher apk will give you authority to remove those apps.
  3. Removes application’s license verification.
  4. Move any app to your external memory device (SD card).
  5. Manage permissions of the apps and choose which permission you want to give or remove.
  6. Install apps which have no verification license using mobbed play store app.
  7. Create backups of your installed apps.
  8. Create modified app.
  9. Bypass in app purchases using Lucky patcher apk app.
  10. Update application from within without searching for it on play store or any other APK store.

These are just to name a few, there are a lot more features that Lucky patcher app can give you for free. For that you’ll have to install the app.

Installing Lucky Patcher APK on Android

1.) Since this is the app which is not from play store so a warning or error may pop up while installing. All you have to do is allow “Unknown Sources” apps to install.

2.) After that you’ll be able to install the app.

Download Lucky Patcher App For Android Device

This is as of the latest version of  this APK app and it will be updated as soon as the new version comes out.

Download the app from here

This version was last updated in November, 2016 and the size of the app is around 6.2mb. You can get APK to paid apps also using Aptoide App store.

If you want to go through how this app works and how it functions then check out this video about Lucky patcher, it will give you a tour to the app.

Please note that since it gives you deep access then any harm caused to your device will be your responsibility. Use it with care. If you want then you can try tutu app also for getting paid apps.

Enjoy having deep access to all the installed apps on your android device by downloading and using Lucky Patcher APK app.


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