How often to do you listen to music? If not much, then at least once a day.  You need new music every other day. How do you do that? Well, downloading free MP3 music is easier these days. Earlier you had only a few options(sites) to download music but now you can get it with the help of music downloader apps for your android and iOS devices.

There are handful of music downloader free apps on app stores. Now, don’t just rush to the stores to download music download app because many of them are a piece of crap only and probably won’t work.

We don’t want you to waste your time and energy by finding a reliable music downloader app on play stores or app stores.

That’s why we did the work for you and found some awesome free music download apps for android and iOS both. You can check out the music download apps mentioned on our list and get your free MP3 music instantly.

List of Free Music Download Apps For Android and iOS

One thing we would like to clear before beginning the list is that all the music apps we’re going to mention are absolutely free to use and download MP3 music, they may have a premium subscription plan but subscribing to that plan is not mandatory.

music downloader free apps

Apart from our own testing, we’ve also taken user’s ratings into consideration while listing the app and their position does not define their superiority or inferiority. Here we present you the list of music downloader free apps for your mobile phones.

1. SoundCloud

soundcloud free music download app

It’s huge, official and awesome. SoundCloud is like the second home for music lovers. Not for those who download music but for those who create music as most of the content on this app or site is user generated.

Even you can upload your songs here on their website and people will actually listen to it, the community is huge with a huge database of music which you can download.

It’s an undoubtedly one of the best and free music download apps for android and iOS. You can get it from the official stores.

Users love this music downloader free app and you too will love this. It’s a online streaming app but you can use its offline feature to save it and listen it whenever you want.

Downlod SoundCloud.

2. BeatzFlare Music Downloader

beatzflare music downloader

The app is not that much popular but it’s freaking good. You will be amazed to see the speed of this app and it can download any song within literally 20 seconds.

It is basically a YouTube music downloader which converts videos from YouTube to audios but unlike other YouTube converter apps it doesn’t take too much time.

The UI of this app is simple, it has a search button on the home screen and you have to type in the song name there.

Keep one thing in mind while using this free music download app that because it fetches songs from YouTube so, make sure you check the channel name to get the best quality.

You can play the video of that song before downloading music, just click on the thumbnail and the video will start playing.

No need to pay anything, it’s a totally free MP3 download app. Downloaded songs will be saved to your local storage memory so you can listen to music without WiFi also.

Download BeatzFlare.

3. AudioMack

Audiomack is highly popular on android and iOS app stores and it deserves to be popular since it provides a great collection of music to download.

Keep one thing in mind that such apps (including SoundCloud) does not allow you to download music to your storage device, the music is there for as long as the app is there. If you want to download music and save it to your device then get BeatzFlare.

The quality of AudioMack is superb and just like SoundCloud you too can upload your music here.

Download Audiomack.

4. MusicParadisePro Music Downloader

Another music downloader free app which is not on official store but worth trying. The reason these music download apps are not approved by official stores is that they don’t have copyrights to distribute music.

But it doesn’t keep them away from users, download this app and try it now.

You may not be impressed with the features and UI of this app but if you only care about downloading free music then there would be no harm in trying this app.

5. RockMyRun Music Download App

Any gym freak reading this? This is on of the best music download app for workout. Can you lift heavy weights on slow music? It’s annoying, isn’t it? This turns the slow music to an awesome music on which you can workout.

This is a free app for a few days only, after that you’ll have to pay for the subscription.

Download RockMyRun.

6. Tubemate Video and Audio Downloader

tubemate app download free music

Tubemate is one of the oldest and best free music download app for android and it has been serving people since years. However, there are many fake copies of this app on the internet which have lots of irritating Ad pop-ups but the original one barely shows you a pop-up.

Just like beatzflare, it also converts YouTube to MP3 music but BeatzFlare is faster than this.

The unique thing about this app is that you can get videos also out of this app along with audios.

Download Tubemate.

7. SuperCloud MP3 Downloader

Another free music download app which did not get any place on play store/app store but still worth trying because of it’s library and database size. You can play the music within the app before actually downloading it, this reduces the chance of getting the wrong song download.

This app is not available on app stores, you’ll have to get the apk of this music download free app.

8. Hungama Music

hungama music download app

Whether you listen to Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil or Telugu music, this app is for you. With a huge library and growing this apps becomes one of the most liked music downloader free app. However, free version has ads and to enjoy an ad free version you need to upgrade your plan.

This free music download app is not only for music but you can also watch videos. You get the lyrics also to sing along.

Be it classic or EDM, this app has almost every genre to enjoy.

Download Hungama for android.

9. Google Play Music App

google play music

We are listing music downloader apps for android and we haven’t mentioned Google’s music app yet. Well, the app is quite good.

It keeps you organized when it comes to music, you get the new recommendations every other day. It has smart recommendation based on your taste and you can also subscribe to podcast and listen to radio as well.

Google’s free music downloader app has still a lot to offer. You can also download music to your device and listen it if you are not connected to the app.

Apart from android, it also provides its services on iOS and web. There is one more interesting feature of this MP3 music download app that it recommends you music according to your activity like what you are doing, how you are feeling and it makes super easy for everyone to look for new music.

It’s free for first 14 day only, this is the reason we kept this free music downloads app on this position.

Download Google Play Music.

10. Free MP3 Downloads

Most of the users have described this app as “OK OK” and it seems legit because it is not that app which will give you exact music to download.

If you love to hear random new music then just get this app music downloaded to your phone and start searching. Not our favorite music downloader app but you can try it once.

Download Here.

11. MP3 Juice Music Downloader

mp3 juice downloader

This is not an app. Then why are we listing it here? It’s for you, in case you couldn’t decide the best app to download music for you, this will help you. Just visit the website, type the song and download whatever song you want.

This MP3 download tool will fetch the music from various trusted sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, Goear etc. and shows the list of available music to download.

Apart from downloading to your local storage, you can also save it to your cloud storage like Dropbox to access it from anywhere. Social sharing of music is also allowed within this free music downloader.

12. Wynk Music

A perfect free music download app for those who love Hindi and English songs. Whether it’s a Bollywood track or a Hollywood, there is a high probability that it will be available on Wynk music app.

Wynk also allows you to download music for free so that you can stream the music later without using internet or WiFi.

You can either download individual song or just download all at once to save time. Filter the music according to mood, popularity and trending.

Download here: Android and iOS.

13. Spotify Music

Spotify is our latest addition to this list of MP3 music download apps. No doubt the database of this app is huge, probably one of the largest music library but the only reason we have not added it to our top picks is because you need a premium account to download music.

Streaming music is absolutely free of cost, if you have access to WiFi or internet then just install this app and listen to unlimited free music.


We only wanted to list the best, working and free music downloader app that is why we have kept the list short and sweet. We will keep on adding the new free music download apps for android and iOS in this list.

Over to You

We’ve given you what you wanted, it’s your music downloader free apps list. Now, share this with your social circles and let others also know about this. BTW, which music download app is your favorite among these? Do tell us in the comment box.


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