You would agree with one thing that there are lots of music downloader apps and tools yet you can’t find that one MP3 download app that could give you unlimited high quality free music to download. Isn’t it?

Being a music lover myself I can understand your pain and the hunger for high quality free music. To solve your problem I tested numerous paid and free music download apps so that you can get what you are looking for.

In this article, I am going to list some of the best and most trustworthy music downloader. The beauty of these MP3 music download apps is that they deliver what they promise and that’s what we actually need. Right?

The good thing about music downloaders is that you can save your favorite songs and music offline so that you can listen to that music without WiFi even.

Without any further ado, let’s just dive into the sea of music and that sea will be created by these Mp3 download apps.

Best Music Downloader 2018

Like I said before, I have tested these apps and music download sites personally, so, I know what I am going to recommend.

music downloader app

One thing I would like to clear here is that the position of any app or tools doesn’t determine the capabilities, obviously there has to be something on the top and something at the bottom but that doesn’t mean the last one is not worth it. It was worth considering that’s why it got a sweet spot on this list of best free music download apps and sites.

Here we begin.

1. SoundCloud Music

soundcloud free music download appThe reason I have always loved SoundCloud is because it’s completely free and it’s music library is damn huge. It’s not only good for official music albums but for random albums also that are crated by individual music composers.

Since it is giving chance to everyone to upload their creation for free, so, the chances of finding lots of good music becomes relatively very high.

Be it a 5-6 minute long music track or just a 10 second long ringtone, SoundCloud have it.

Even if you are also into music creation and want the world to hear it then SoundCloud should be your first priority.

To test its audience, I my uploaded a piece of copyright free music on the official website of SoundCloud and it also got a lot of views and likes even.

If it’s about music downloader free apps then SoundCloud undoubtedly deserves to be on the list.

These kind of apps allow you to save music offline after downloading it but it doesn’t get saved on your local storage device, the benefit of that is your local storage doesn’t get filled up and the con is that you can’t access that downloaded music once you uninstall the app.

You must like this app, if you don’t want to download the app then just visit the official website.

Download here: Android and iOS.

2. AudioMack

audiomack app to download free musicI don’t know why Audiomack is not getting that much attention from everyone as compared to other music downloader apps. It is f’king awesome when it comes to downloading free music and mixtapes even.

Those who love mixtapes, you are going to love this. Be it old music tracks or discover the latest released albums, Audiomack is a perfect fit for every kind of music lover.

The app is so simple and easy to navigate, you don’t need to be a tech freak to be able to understand this free music download app.

They have divided the top section into various parts which makes it easy to navigate within the app. Sections like favorites, downloads, top charts, playlists, trending, recently added, top albums, top songs, all these filters makes it super easy to find the music we are in search of.

The latest feature that got my attention was the “Audiosnap”, now Audiomack is also allowing us to create 1 15 second video or image synced to a song and you can also export it to share on social media and with your friends.

Downloading songs and saving them offline is just a matter of 1 single click and there is no limit on how much music you stream or download for offline use.

As of now, I am loving this music download app.

Download here: Android and iOS.

3. Wynk Music

wynk music downloader free appAn awesome app to download mainstream music. You probably have heard of this before but it’s good. Whether you love Taylor Swift or Indian artists like AR Rahman, it’s going to give you everything you need.

Since, it’s an Indian app so the focus and choice of music is slightly based on Indian taste and choice but it can also give you all the mainstream music from popular artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Pitbull, Shakria etc.

It has got a subscription plan which provides you unlimited ad-free music. Streaming music is also possible with low speed internet.

Download here: Android and iOS.

4. Music Paradise Pro

You won’t find this app on the android play store and apple’s app store. Why? Because it is distributing music without legal permissions but users love it, simply because of the fact it gives unlimited awesome free music download without signing up for any account and without asking for any subscription fee.

What it does is basically searches music from other sources and provides you within the app to download, since it uses 5-6 search engines, so the probability of finding the music you are looking for is quite high.

Now the question is if you can’t download it from official stores then from where? Various stores like uptodown have this app, or you can go for Aptoide, it’s also good.

5. Tubemate Audio Downloader

It’s a years old app that was initially for download videos but now you can download music from here also. It uses YouTube as its only source to fetch the songs and music.

Just enter the name of the song you want to download, it will find the video and convert it for you. You do have the option to decide the quality of music.

Keep one thing in mind, this app is also not on official app stores and there are many fake copies of this app on the internet, so, just download it from the official website

The original app does not contain spammy ads but the fake ones will irritate you with ad pop ups.

6. Spotify Music

spotify mp3 download appYou might be thinking that Spotify is freaking awesome music app, then why it’s not on the top. Let me explain you, our motive here is to find the best music downloader that allow you to download music for free.

But, Spotify is freemium app. It does have free plan which only allows you to stream unlimited music online but if you want to save it offline then you will have to opt their premium subscription plan, this the only reason why it’s not on the top.

You will surely like what it has to offer, there is no doubt that the song library of this music download app for android and iOS is quite large.

Download here: Android and iOS.

7. Shazam App

Wait, What? What is Shazam doing on this list? It might be your reaction if you already know about Shazam. For those who don’t know what Shazam is all about then let me tell you that Shazam is originally a song identifier app that lets you find the name of any song.

But, now it has evolved and you can also discover new music on this app and add them to your Spotify playlists.

It’s a very useful music app for those who want to discover new music every single day.

Download here: Android and iOS.

8. Deezer

Here comes another music downloader free app to download free music and save it offline. Deezer has a lot of things to offer and that too for absolutely free.

Whether you want to stream music online or download music offline, Deezer does it perfectly. Apart form this obvious feature, it has some other features also like live radio stations, on-screen music lyrics, import your MP3s, listen to mixes, unlimited playlists etc.

Deezer free music download app allows you discover unlimited free music for genres like Hip Hop, EDM, Indie, Pop, Blues, Rock etc.

Deezer’s premium plans have more to offer.

Download here: Android and iOS.

9. MP3 Juice

Until now, we have mentioned music download apps for android and iOS. This is the first music download website and it is one of the best free music download sites. It is capable of finding literally any music and song.

It works as a music search engine, you just to type the name of the song, album name or artist name, it will fetch the results from popular music sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, Archive, 4Shared, VK and Yandex.

It’s up to you that which source you want MP3 Juices to use.

Downloading free songs from this website is very easy. Just type the name of the song, it will list all the songs, click on download button and that’s it.

It is compatible with computers, mobiles and tablets also.

You can also play the songs before downloading, just to confirm that it is the right song that you wanted. I personally use this free MP3 music tool when I have to download music to my laptop.

Some More Free Music Download Apps

I could have listed 20 or 30 apps here but I know those are just a piece of crap and will waste your time which is what I don’t want. It’s better to recommend only quality products and that’s what I have done, however, there are some more music downloader apps that I would like to try to download free music by looking at their reviews and features, here are those apps:

  1. Napster
  2. Google play music
  3. Beatzflare
  4. Hungama

This list of best music downloaders will be updated from time to time so that you get the best apps to download music for free.



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