No WiFi Games – Popular and Best Free Games Without WiFi

We are not always around internet or WiFi, there may be times when we have to survive without the internet and those times are really tough. What shall you do in that leisure time? Play games possibly but for that, you would need games no WiFi games.

Wait! What are “No WiFi Games”? It’s simple, the games that don’t require internet or WiFi to connect or to be played. You can enjoy those games without WiFi and for free. There are paid one but our main focus for this particular list is free games without WiFi.

Now you may be thinking that what category we are going to target here. We understand your concern as taste vary from person to person and the game you like might be hated by someone else.

So we’ll be listing down games from various categories, be it action games, arcade, puzzle or fighting.

No WiFi Games List

Time to begin with the list of best WiFi free games, do not forget to tell us which game that can be played without WiFi is your favorite.

  • Badland Game

Let’s begin with the “Adventure” category. The graphics are quite good and the backgrounds do give a feel of badlands. It is a 2D runner game where you have to escape through numerous obstacles without getting killed.

The background will keep you addicted to the game and the challenges are quite good. The game can also be played in multiplayer mode however it can only have 4 players at a time in multiplayer mode.

Indeed a good game who like adventure, running and escaping from obstacles. One more thing, you are not a human in this 2D running games, it’s a weird character. Have a look at the attached video to get an idea about the game.

Download Badland Game.

  • Shadow Fight

free games without wifi

What’s up action lovers? Look what we have got for you, a highly popular and amazing action packed no WiFi game “Shadow Fight”.

You have got no face in this game, neither you opponent. These are all shadows fighting all around and the stronger one wins.

You can customize your fighter with epic swords, nunchaku, armor suits, magical powers,
and more, and the animation gives more feel to the characters of the game. Indeed a very nice game without WiFi.

Download Shadow Fight.

  • Asphalt 8

racing no WiFi games

If you not new to the gaming world then you already know about this game, a true racing game that ever racing lover would love to play. This game also falls into the category of no WiFi Games.

With ultimate graphics and gameplay, this games becomes one of the most loved and downloaded games ever on Google play store. The game has already crossed the mark of 200 million, which is huge.

You can also challenge players from around the world but that would need internet or WiFi connection.

If you truly need a racing game that can be played without WiFi then just go for this without thinking about any other game.

Download Asphalt 8.

  • 2048

free no WiFi games

This is a brain game, the beginning of the game is easy that even a 5-year-old can solve but up to certain levels, after that it will become difficult for a fully grown up too.

The games just ask you to add the same numbers and make the highest score possible. Yes, you read it right, it’s all about adding numbers. Adding numbers? Oh, that would be very easy! WAIT! Don’t ever judge a book by its cover, it’s not that easy.

Don’t believe us? Try it once and you’ll get to know what’s so special about this no WiFi game.

Download 2048 here.

  • Candy Crush Saga

WiFi free games

Half of the Facebook users are irritated by the candy crush requests, let’s make some more. A game which is highly addictive and keeps you engaged for quite a long time with its interesting and never ending levels.

This game without WiFi is based on classic matching the same game but today also it has a lot of user base and millions are still enjoying it.

Download Candy Crush Saga Here.

  • Six-Guns: Gangs Shutdown

fighting no WiFi games

Another gift for action lovers, it’s the second action game on our list of no WiFi games. You will feel the adventure and action in this single game, packed with some supernatural activities and powers.

If you’ve ever loved that cowboy stuff then you’re going to love this game.

You can race in this game, kill the gangs in multiplayer mode, face the supernatural creatures and what not, a complete action packed game.

Download the game here.

  • Sudoku

How can we forget this classic yet very interesting game on our list of no WiFi games? This game was there when there was no mobiles and Android and still people love this as much they used to do years ago.

A brain powered game which enables you to use your brain up to a nice extent and some even get irritated when they couldn’t solve the puzzle. If you are looking for those no WiFi games which require some thinking and logical skills then go for this game, it’s all about playing with numbers and patience.

  • Plant VS Zombies

You have seen humans killing zombies, robots, and cars killing zombies but have you ever seen plants killing zombies? No? Then this is among those no WiFi games in which plants will zombies.

Let the plants take their revenge by killing zombies after all zombies cause harm to them also. A unique and interesting game that deserves a try.

Download Plant VS Zombies here.

  • Hill Climb Racer 2

Last but not the least on our list of no WiFi games is Hill Climb Racer 2. You will definitely not see Asphalt 8 like graphics and animation but this is also a nice one with a nice gameplay.

You can definitely play this game without WiFi, just download and install and play it offline whenever you want.

You can also go online and play online challenges and races.

Download Hill Climb here.


The game you want to go for totally depends on your choice. Choose it according to your taste and if you have any other good offline game then let us know. All the no WiFi games mentioned in the list are awesome and you can pass your free time with these free games without WiFi anytime and anywhere. Have fun gaming.

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