Npm Install

Npm install

Well, the best and the quickest way to install npm is download and install the node.js using node.js installer. We have already posted the best way to download the Node.js. You can click here to know how to install node.js. That is the easiest and the right way for npm install.

Now, in our how to install Node.js post you will this image

install npm windowsIn the white box, below Node.js runtime you can see there is an option of the npm package manager. That’s mean npm will install automatically when you install will the node.js. After installing the Node. js and npm you can check your version.
just click on the start menu icon and type cmd.exe then right click on that and click on run as administrator.

npm install windows
then windows command prompt will appear. Now, to check Node.js type node -v and press Enter.

node install npm

Here you can see the version is v6.9.1. As 10-31-2016 This is the latest version. But your version can be higher than that.

To check npm type npm -v  and press Enter.

how to npm install

Or you can type npm install npm -g  and press Enter to check the npm version.

how to install npm

npm install

The version of npm is 3.10.9 which is the latest version but again your version can be higher than that.

If you have already downloaded the node.js and your version is older or you want to update your version then, just download the latest version using Node.js installer and install it. After installing you will get your latest version.

If you will download the newer version that can be higher from the version that we have written.

There is also another way for npm install but we recommend you to use this way because of this the easiest and the right way for npm install.

So, here it is readers, you can install and check npm with this way. We hope we have helped you to install npm on your computer. If you want to ask anything related to this post then you can type in the comment section.



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