T Rex? Are you familiar with this name? Well, this is the name of a dinosaur, that dangerous dinosaur you must have seen in the movie which would tore everything apart. This is T Rex game but that dinosaur is not anymore dangerous here. A simple yet fun google dinosaur game which you can play when there is no internet around.

The internet just stopped and you have no idea when it will connect back, what would you do? Simple, play this T Rex game on your computer.

NOTE: This dinosaur Google game can only be played on computer/laptop within chrome browser.

Google chrome has provided this game for this specific purpose so that you can pass time when the internet gets disconnected and you have no other offline game to play.

T Rex Game Instructions

Don’t expect this game to be filled with stunning graphics and awesome locations because there is nothing like that and you won’t get any modern equipment as well but there’s one thing that you will surely get and that is awesome time pass and fun at least for the time the internet is back.

T Rex game

Now, how to play this T Rex game? It’s actually very simple that a 3 year old kid can do that (no doubt kids are too smart these days for their age).

There are only 2 things that you need to do in order to play google dinosaur game in chrome browser and those things are:

  • Disconnect the internet.
  • Press a key on your keyboard.

Let’s explain this in detail.

  • The first thing you need to do is disconnect the internet and then open any website. It won’t open because there is no internet.
  • Now, since there is no internet so opening a website will show an error with a T Rex standing facing towards right side of your screen.
  • Now, all you need to do is hit the “Spacebar” key on your keyboard and that dinosaur will start moving.
  • Congrats, the T Rex game just started in chrome browser.

Your goal is to make highest score possible, the speed of the dinosaur will keep on increasing as the score increase.

You will face various hurdles within the game like cactus, Pterosaurs. You need to dodge all these hurdles.

All the controls of this T Rex dinosaur are in the arrow keys of your keyboard. The upper arrow will make it jump, the lower arrow key will make it bent down.

Share your T Rex game scores with us.


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