Putlocker is an old and popular streaming website which provides free movie and TV streaming to everyone for free of cost. But which putlocker movie website? There are around 5-10 putlocker websites with different domains today which are popular. It’s not Putlocker anymore, it’s Putlockers actually since there are many.

The Putlocker.com has also changed its name to watchfree.to. The common thing about all these movies and TV streaming sites is that all of them use the same logo, favicon and somewhat same website design.

Now which one to trust? Allow us to tell you which putlockers websites are online and working on today’s date.

Putlocker Websites to Watch Free TV and Movies Online

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Spammers and scammers never miss the chance to take advantage of something which is popular and confusing, they take advantage of this confusion and may put you in trouble, so, beware of that.

There are few websites which are working as put lockers and they are online, we have tested them manually and they do provide free movies and TV shows.

Some working websites include putlocker.rs (.rs is a Serbian domain) and putlockerhd.is (.is is an Icelandic domain), at the time of testing in 2017, both of these URLs are working and live which do provide free movies and TV shows online without any sign up, offer completion or fee.

In our test, putlocker.rs seemed faster than the latter one.

These are not the only Putlockers, there’s one more and that is Putlocker.io. So, now you have total 4 put locker sites:

putlocker streaming website

  • putlocker.rs
  • putlockerhd.is
  • putlocker.io
  • watchfree.to (previously known as putlocker.com)

In terms of speed, putlocker.rs stands at number 1 spot.

Although you have all the URLs of putlocker to watch TV series and movies online for free, what if, these too stop working and you need a new website to watch your entertainment stuff online? In that case, you should be ready with the alternatives and we’re providing those alternatives here for you.

Replacement of Putlockers Websites

There are literally many but we’re going to list only those sites which are the best and in working condition. In case you find any mentioned site down then do not forget to send us an update, we’ll have a look over it.

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1.) Fmovies.is

If putlocker is a good website then its replacement must be better and this is why fmovies is here. A clean, simple, and definitely working movie and TV streaming site with all the latest entertainment stuff you would need to pass some leisure time of yours.

Along with that, it has Anime category also. If you can’t find a show or movie then just drop them a suggestion and they will consider it.

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Website link.

2.) Alluc.ee

alluc putlocker alternative

Alluc is an entertainment search engine that will find links for you where you can watch and even download free HD quality movies. It is a good alternative and since it is a directory, not a hosting site so chances of getting this down are less, unlike other streaming sites which either have to change their name or go down.

A good one if you can’t think of any other place to watch movies and TV series online.

3.) Genvideos

How can one forget about this giant? It has been there in the business since years and is still ruling like a boss. Just like putlocker, this website has also managed to get some fake copies on the internet but the original one is this: genvideos.com.

4.) Couch-tuner.ag

Couchtuner is an entertainment content streaming website which provides on TV shows, so if you can’t find it one Putlocker, then try it here. The website is clean and has a nice interface.

5.) Gomovies.to

Never heard of this one? You probably have heard of 123movies, this is the same one but with a changed name. It has all the latest collection of movies and TV series and most of them are in HD quality. A good one to try indeed.

6.) Rainierland.com

This is truly a very old website to watch TV shows online. Just like couchtuner it also has TV series. Go for it if you are a TV series fan.

7.) Moviexk.org

Until now we have covered movies, TV series, Anime and what not but we haven’t covered 18+ category. This is the website which has that category. It has all the genres along with adult one. Just because it is in the last doesn’t mean it’s not good enough.

8.) Solar Movies

Another awesome website to watch free movies online. Just like putlocker TV and movies, it also provides TV series and free movies online, you don’t need to pay even a dime to watch movies and TV episodes on this website, it’s all free.

At last, our favorite movie streaming site apart from Putlocker would be fmovies. Go ahead and try every one of these streaming sites and do let us know your experience with it.


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