Couchtuner is among the best sites to watch TV series online for those who don’t want to pay for the subscription. If Couch tuner is that good website to watch TV series online for free then why would anyone need any other site like couchtuner? Well, there could be many reasons.

Perhaps, couchtuner TV series streaming website is inaccessible in your region or the TV show you are looking for is not available on CouchTuner. The latter one seems nearly impossible since the website has a huge database of TV series but still it possible as it’s free and they can definitely miss out to add a series.

Whatever may be the situation, you have got the alternatives. Just try out these alternatives to CouchTuner, one of the finest TV series streaming website and we’re sure you’ll get your TV show to enjoy.

Couchtuner has all the latest TV shows, be it The Walking Dead, Game of thrones, Big Bang Theory or any other. If you can’t find it on Couchtuner, these alternatives will do their best to find the right TV show for you.

The Real Couchtuner TV Videos Streaming Website

Before beginning with the alternatives, you should know that which is the real and working couchtuner website since there are many and you can’t trust them all. Some of them are just bogus sites. If you want to stream TV series only on couchtuner then try out these sites only:


The last one is the couchtuner 2.0 or you can call it couchtuner 2. All these sites are working and you can watch TV episodes on these for free of cost.

This list to watch TV shows online for free is now updated and lists even more places and websites like couchtuner to watch full TV episodes online without signing up.

12 Best Sites Like CouchTuner

All the websites we’re about to mention are free to stream online, but if there’s any paid one, then we’ll let you know about them.

Time to start listing the best alternatives to couchtuner ( website.


Solar movies, one of the finest and popular websites to watch TV series online for free, along with TV series you get hundreds of latest movies as well.

There is one particular thing that you will like about this site and that is the navigation of this website. It is very easy to find TV shows or movies using their filters like Genre, country, Top rated.

Even then, if you can’t find your TV series or movies, then just post them a request.


It was previously known as, then it shifted to and now it has changed again. The previous domains will redirect you to 9anime where you can get to watch dubbed anime online. To watch TV series online, you have to go to

Along with being one of the best alternatives to genvideos, this is also a great alternative to couchtuner. An online streaming website which also offers free movies along with latest TV series.

They do offer HD quality and their player is also quite good. You can also download shows/movies from this website, don’t go for “Green” colored buttons, those are nothing but ads.

Visit the website here.


putlocker site like couchtuner

Another awesome website to watch TV shows online, just like Fmovies this website also has movies collection. Upon visiting the website you’ll be asked to fill out the form asking for things like what you want to watch, star cast, release date etc. Just fill that in and hit enter, it will find the series for you within a couple of seconds.

If you don’t want to go that way then just go through their menu and find what you’re looking for.


alluc tv streaming like couchtuner

A perfect place for those who can’t remember tens of sites to watch TV series online.

Let’s stop finding the TV series on various website and search it at one place which will give hundreds of results at one place. Visit and type in the name of the TV series and find streams, it will provide you with hundreds of links which are offering that content online.

You can also go for download links instead of streaming links. A good website to try if you are finding it very difficult to search for your favorite TV series.


Rainerland only has TV series collection unlike the previously mentioned sites like couchtuner. You may not find everything on this website but it does have a decent collection of TV series.

A good alternative to Couchtuner to watch TV series online for free.

6. Select TV

select TV site

Select TV has got a GREAT collection of all the TV content and this one is paid. The subscription is not that costly, it only asks for $24/year which is $2/month and it can definitely be afforded by everyone.

Not only TV shows, you get music, radio station access, movies in this subscription, here are some details about the subscription plan and the features you get with this.

  • 300,000+ TV episodes
  • 200,000+ movies
  • Free video on demand
  • Pay per view
  • Premium add-ons
  • 50,000+ radio stations
  • Games, apps.
  • 5000+ live channels
  • Music streaming and much more

A great paid alternative to the couchtuner website.


This site like couchtuner has a lot to offer apart from TV shows. You get movies, TV shows, Live sports, theater and what not.

You can search TV series by their genre or find content based on actors and directors as well. A nice TV streaming website to try for free.


The website design is simple and apart from TV shows, it has a movie collection as well. One thing to keep in mind is that you won’t see the video player on their any page, they will provide you with few links and you have to visit them to watch any TV show or movie.


tv streaming site

Just TV shows nothing else. They have sorted out series by their streaming dates and it makes it easier to find a particular TV series.

You can look for TV shows according to their streaming date or search by the initials.

You can download content from this website also but for that, you will have to download “Graboid” which is their application for allowing downloading.


A quite beautifully organized website which has a lot to offer for free. Look for TV series, movies, top IMDb content. Search for content by genre or by country even. The country filter makes it easy to find your content easily.

A definitely recommended website like couchtuner for watching TV series online for free of cost.

10. Hulu

Another paid TV streaming website, the prices for this site starts from $7.99/month and if you want to opt for their Live TV beta program then it would cost you around $40/month.

Paying this fee will ensure that you enjoy ads free and uninterrupted entertainment content.


This is our new addition to the list of sites like couch tuner. Yesmovies is an awesome website to stream free TV shows online. There are basically 2 reasons for which we decided to add this on our list, firstly the website looks highly professional and elegant, secondly the quality of shows is too good, the streaming speed is also amazing.

You will definitely enjoy watching TV shows online here.

12. YouTube

watch tv series online on youtube

Getting the latest TV episodes on YouTube is a bit difficult since they do not allow any content that infringes other’s rights but you can older shows and full length TV episodes on YouTube easily.

Even if someone tries to upload the latest episodes (except the owner), it would get removed after a moments. So, if you want to watch old TV episodes then YouTube is also of the best alternatives to couchtuner TV streaming site.


A nice couch tuner alternative to watch movies, TV series, and cartoons online for free of cost. The speed of website is quite good and you won’t have to freak since it loads quite fast and the media player is also quite responsive.

The collection might not be that great but still worth a try, perhaps you may get here what you have been looking for.


A premium looking yet free website to watch TV shows online. Apart from TV shows, you can also watch movies, news and live TV shows as well.

We loved the way the website is organized and has kept everything so easy to navigate and understand. We didn’t have to face any ad pop up wile testing this site, perhaps they show ads very less often which is a good thing.

But, keep in mind that you have to be in the US to be able to watch TV shows online on this site.


Another latest to our list of best couchtuner like sites to watch TV shows online for free. It indeed is a nice site. As soon as you visit the site, you will see a notice saying “You are not using a VPN”. It is recommended to use one.

TV show website screenshot

On this site you can watch free TV series online and movies as well. It has alternate servers also, in case if the default one stops loading the TV shows you want to watch.

The UI of this couch tuner alternative is clean and you can enjoy TV episodes and movies without being interrupted by so many ads.

You can stream full length TV episodes on this couchtuner website alternative, download English subtitles, go full screen, and add to watchlist.


shows genre menu

This one is for those who look for anime TV shows on couchtuner but couldn’t find them, here you can find all the anime TV shows and movies that you love. It’s free and definitely has all the animated TV shows.

Over to you:

We have provided you the best sites like couchtuner and you can go for anyone of them. Which one seems to be the best for you? Either go for couchtuner or go for any other alternative we have mentioned, all of them are good.



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