There are thousands of websites to stream movies online and one of them is Solar movies, it indeed is an awesome site to watch movies and TV shows online but which one? People have managed to create so many websites which seem just like the original one but they are not. We are providing you here the original Solar Movies website to watch movies and TV shows online.

The thing that confuses all the people is all the websites named with solar movies look exactly like each other but there are certain things which make the original one better and genuine. You can find many websites with the same name like,,,, but all of them are not the originals, then which one is? We are telling you here.

The Original Solar Movies Website

Out of all these the original one is:

This is the website which gives you free movies and TV shows without any cost or conditions. You might be thinking why you can’t use the other related sites when they are also providing free movies. Of course, you can use them but we can’t say anything about them. Some of them have used the logo of the original one as well, they ask you to register on the website whereas the original solar movies site doesn’t ask for any sign-up or offer completion.

There are many times when these type of sites go down, you can find threads on Reddit as well where people complain about not being able to use the website for days.

What would you do in that situation? Maybe look for another movie streaming site. So here we’re providing you some genuine and best alternatives to solar movies as well where you can stream free movies and TV series online.

Few Alternatives to Solarmovies

solar movies

1.) Genvideos

How can we forget about this one, genvideos is an amazing website to watch movies online. The database of this website has a lot of movies, from classic to the latest. You won’t be disappointed with this one at least and this website stays up for almost all the time.

Indeed a good website for streaming content online just like solar movie website.

2.) Couchtuner

Since solarmovies provide movies and TV shows, so we have to include something for TV shows as well. This website is purely made for TV shows and it has all the latest TV shows you would want to stream. No sign up needed, just visit and stream.


As good and fast as the solarmovie streaming site. It has all the recently released movies and TV shows. You can even request the movie or TV show or your choice but for that, you’ll have to create a free account on the website but that shouldn’t be the problem.

The quality of the video is quite good and satisfactory. A must try streaming site, one of our favorites at the moment.


No doubt this is a good website to watch movies online but there are few things that we personally dislike, too many ads and confusing media player are two of those things. You may get confused while using their site at once but you can get used to it within 3-4 minutes.


Better than the previous one, at least there are lesser ads and the media player is easy to operate. Go for this and you’ll like it for sure. A good alternative to the solarmovie website.

The quality of the video is HD and if the video interrupts then it begins from where you started. Go night mode and enjoy the movie.


Let us end the list with the original solar movies website. Like said above, this is the one you should go for out of all the solarmovie websites on the internet, this is the genuine one.


You have the authentic solar movies website now, go for it. In our opinion, all the sites we have mentioned along with solarmovie are good enough to watch free movies and TV shows online.


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