Nobody likes a slow computer, especially when we are working because nowadays time is money. A new computer impresses us with its speed and smoothness of work, but after some time that computer slows down and irritate us with slow processing. This happens with many of us and then we ask how to speed up my computer ? But don’t worry we will show you to how to regain your computer’s speed.

Well, the computer slows down for many reasons, it can be a minor issue and it can be a big issue. We will show you some basics and advanced tricks to make your computer faster.

NOTE- That tricks will help your computer to regain its original processing speed, that will not convert your normal computer into the super computer or faster than its limit.

Speed Up My Computer

Speed Up My Computer

1.) Check your system for any errors and corrupt files

This is System File Checker, this tool scan windows for any corruption or errors to restore and fix them. If your computer is slowing down because of any windows error then this will help you.

For Windows 8 and 8.1 users-  Go to search and type Command Prompt then right-click on command prompt and click on Run as administrator.

Speed up my pc

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 10 Users- click on Start menu icon and type cmd.exe and right-click then click on Run as administrator

how to speed up my computer

then command prompt window will appear. Then type  sfc /SCANNOW and press Enter button and wait until the scan is complete.

speed up my computer

Now this will scan your windows for any errors or corrupt file and if any error appears then command prompt will automatically replace and fix that.

2.) Select startup programs manually

Whenever we start our computer, the windows always load some programs and files first, and it takes time to load. So, we can select which program should be load on startup.

For this, hold down the windows icon key and press R. Type msconfig then click on OK.

speed up my pc

After that system configuration window will appear. Then click on startup and select programs manually.

how to speed up your computer

Now, you have to be careful, do not deselect the windows programs. In this Image, you can see only useful programs are selected like windows program and some Intel program.

Deselect the unuseful programs which you don’t want windows to load on startup. Then click on OK and click on restart your computer.

That will definitely make your windows faster on startup and help you to solve your ‘speed up my computer’ issue.

3.) Close Resource-Hungry programs

Find out which application is using a large amount of memory or which application is using huge CPU resource.

Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete buttons together, then click on task manager.

speed up slow computer


If the CPU usage is High like 90% or 99% then you need to close some application which are using the huge CPU resources. If the CPU usage is normal (like you can see in this image CPU usage is 44 %) then skip this step.

Note– If you are about to close any program then you have to be very careful, do not close any windows program, that will stop your windows to work properly.

4.) Delete temporary files, cache and cookies

Windows always stores some temporary files in temporary files folder and your browser also stores some cookies and temporary file. These files make a computer slower.

For Windows 8 and 8.1 > drag your mouse to the upper-right corner > click on search icon and type %temp% and press Enter button.

For Windows 7, vista, and 10 > click on Start menu icon and type %temp% and open the Temp folder.


my computer is slow

Then delete all temporary files. if you are not able to delete some files it means those files or programs related to those files are open in background. You have to close programs related to those files then delete those files. If you will press Shift button +Delete button then those files will be removed from your computer, that will not go into recycle bin. So, it will better if you will use Shift+delete to delete those files. If you are still asking how to speed up my computer then don’t worry,we are not over yet.

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5.) Clear Prefetch

You can also this option to clear your doubt on how to speed up my computer. In C Drive (where windows is installed) there are some files that windows stores but there is no use of those file. Those files also play their role to slow your computer. So, you need to delete them also.

To delete them open your C Drive then go to Windows > Prefetch > Select all the files and delete them using Shift+delete.

6.) Uninstall unuseful/unwanted programs

Delete some unuseful or unwanted programs from your windows makes your computer faster because that will give some space to your hard drive and improve system security and those programs might include some startup programs or background process or some other software that are slowing down your computer.

To delete or uninstall the programs Click on start menu Icon then click on Control Panel then click on Programs > uninstall a program, then this window will appear.

computer slow

After that select any unwanted program, right-click on that and click on Uninstall/change.

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7.) Disk Defragmentation

Disk Defragmentation will rearrange the files in the disk and this tool increases the speed of your computer. This utility is very useful to speed up a computer.

But recent and newer version of windows defragment the disk automatically. There is no need to do that in the latest version of windows. If you have the traditional mechanical hard drive then you can use defragmentation, but if you have an SSD then do not use defragmentation on that.

To start defragmentation Open your My Computer then select a Drive > right-click on that > go to properties then this dialog box will appear.

computer speed

Now click on Defragment now, after that a new window will appear and then click on defragment disk. This operation may take some time.

8.) Use a good Anti-Virus Program

how to speed up computer windows 7

A virus and malware are the main reason to slow a computer. You have to secure your computer by installing a good Antivirus program. If you have already an Anti-Virus then scan your computer for any virus or malware. You also have to keep your Antivirus up to date.That will help you to clear your speed up my computer issue.

9.) Keep your Windows up to date

Always check your windows for any update and keep your windows and software up to date. This will update your all windows software and important windows file that will help your computer to run fast and smoothly.

For Windows 8 and 8.1 > Drag your mouse to the lower right corner of the screen> click setting then click on change PC setting > Click on Update and recovery and then click on Windows Update.

For Windows 7, Vista, and 10 > Go to Start menu and type Windows update and press Enter button and check for update and install them.

speed up computer free

10.) Re-installing the Windows

speed up my computer

If your computer still showing some windows problems and not working properly and giving you slow responses then, reinstalling your windows may help you. That will remove all the programs and software from your computer, and if you choose to format your all drives then your all data, photos, and any other documents will be deleted. This will remove all the viruses, malware, and other programs. So, reinstalling windows will clean your computer completely.

11.) Upgrade Hardware


speed up my pc


If you are still not satisfied with your computer speed and you still have a question on how to speed up my computer then, you can upgrade your hardware by buying the latest and upgraded version of computer hardware. You can increase the memory and any other hardware of your computer to make your computer faster.

That is some of the best tricks and ways to make your computer faster and clear your speed up my computer issue. That tricks will definitely help you to regain your computer speed and make it faster. If you want to say anything or if you have any question then type in the comment section below.


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