Collages are cool, they can present so many emotions in just one frame. Earlier there used to be collages for pics only but now you can create videos collages as well and that’s really awesome. Watching more than one video in the same frame at the same time is so cool. How do you do that? Nothing complicated, you just need to install one single app and you can create video collage in a couple of minutes.

Now, what are those apps? Visit the app store and type video collage, you will hundreds of apps but obviously you can’t install all of those video collage makers, all you need is the best app that has all the features and makes video collage making easier than others.

Let’s find out what are those apps that we (TDW) trust for making stunning video collages.

Make Awesome Video Collage With These Apps

The functioning of these video collage makes apps is pretty same when compared to pic collages, there will be hardly any difference when it comes to setting up the frame and videos, however, since it’s for video so you may see other options like video trimming etc.

video collages

Time to list our favorite collage apps for videos.

1. Photogrid: Pic & Video Collage Maker

It’s quite good and one of its own. You can surely create video collages using this app, the limit is 4 videos which is something we believe should be improved.

There is one thing that we like about this app is that you can combine pics and videos in the same collage, it looks good.

Apart from these collage making features, you also get photo editor along with some trendy face filters. In short, it’s a nice app with lots of features to make your videos and pics look great.

To design your video grid you get 300+ layouts, 80+ backgrounds and 10+ borders, enough to make an appealing video collage.

You can combine up to 9 pics and videos together, if you want to make only video collage then the limit is 4, as said before, this is something that we don’t like about this and other apps have provided advantages over this features.

OS: Android and iOS.

2. PicPlayPost

Another app that we tried and loved. It’s a freemium one, that means it is free to use but there are some in app purchases that you may want to purchase, for example, ad free usage and collages without watermark.

In the free version your videos will be watermarked, that should not be the problem if you are just using it for personal use to upload your video collages on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

Just like the previous app, it can also create photo and videos collages combined, but it’s better since it allows up to  videos and photos along with GIFs, that’s something we like.

You can also trim your video as per your wish, so you can easily trim the unwanted part from the video and make it to the point.

You get to choose your desired video frame aspect ratio, the available choices are 1:1, 2:3, 3:2, 4:3, 3:4, 16:9, this feature is needed to fit in different screens and videos. The maximum video length available in the free version is 5 minutes.

video collage maker app

Along with all these amazing features you get a GIF maker as well, a unique thing which you won’t find in all the video collage apps.

At the time of listing this app, it doesn’t work with slow motion or 4K videos, the videos must be recorded with the normal camera without any slow motion effect.

You can also add background music to your video collages but make sure the music you add is in the MP3 format, well, you can use to use these apps to download free MP3 music.

OS: Android and iOS.

3. Video Collage

This app is quite simple and doesn’t offer features like video trimming or GIF making but there is something that we like about this app.

Firstly, there is no watermark in the free version as well and secondly you can add and cool stickers to your video collages which makes it look better.

video collage app

The limit of videos or pics you can choose per collage is 6, they have definitely improved this.

You can surely try this at least once, you may like it.

OS: Android

4. Video Collage and Photo Grid

This one is for iOS users only and it works pretty good when it comes to making collages out of videos.

You may not get those fancy options available in other apps but if you goal is just to create good looking photo and video collage, then this is the app for you.

You can add your own background music to your video collages, not only that, you can select the section of the music you want in your video collages.

There are 4 frame ratios you can choose from, 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, 3:2.

A nice video collage making app for iOS users.

OS: iOS.


So, these are the app that we trust when it comes to video collage making. Surely they do have other features as well and you can use them to make your video collages look more beautiful. Stay tuned for more apps like these.


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