We all love to listen to the songs. We always make a playlist of our favorite songs and listen to them later. But what happens when we hear a song somewhere and we love that song but we don’t know anything about that song, not even the lyrics, the only thing we recognize, the tune or music of that song. Then we ask, what song is this or which song is this?

What Song Is This

If you know the lyrics of that song then you can search that on the internet by using the search engines but what will you do if you don’t even know the lyrics? Here is a solution.

What Song Is This?

We have selected some of the best ways to find your song. You can use these methods to find your particular song. So, let’s begin.

1.)Sound Identifier Mobile Apps

Many people listen to songs on their mobile and they access the internet also from their mobile. You can find the song from your mobile phone and it’s user-friendly and easy. You just have to install some song identifier apps. That apps can solve your problem of what song is this?

(i) SoundHound

You can download this app from google play. This app will give you all information of the song. It will give you the Artist name lyrics and all information. You just have to search your song in it or if you don’t know anything about the song then just hum the song, this app will show results.

(ii) Shazam

Shazam is the best song identifier that can help you to find for what song is this. With over 500,000,000 downloads this app is also the biggest song identifier app. You can use this app on ios, windows, and android platforms. If you have a short tone or music of a song then play that in this app, this app will find the full song for you.

(iii) TrackID

TrackID is the best way to find or identify the song around you. This app is available more than 60 languages from all around the world. This app can give all details about the song within seconds. you can explore many things by using this app. You can also use this app in offline mode when you don’t have an internet connection. You just have to click on identity later than this app automatically find that song when you will connect to the internet.

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You can also use some websites to find your song. These websites can help you to solve your ‘what song is this’ problem.

2.) www.Midomi.com

If you can croon or hum the song then this website will find your song. It is the song identifier website which can find a song with the help of human voice. Just click on click and sing button after that you have to hum that song and click on that again and after that this website will find some result according to your hum.

3.) www.Namemytune.com

This website will save or capture your hum if you sing or hum your song into your microphone after opening this website then when some other user identify your song then this website will send the information about your song by email. You can also help others by listening to their tunes and hums and giving them the name of the song that they are finding.

4.) www.Watzatsong.com

This website is also a community of peoples who are finding their song. Sing or hum your tune on this website then the community will give you answers. You just have to upload your tune and wait for answers. You can find your answers by searching it in just a few second if someone has already asked for it and if that one is answered by someone.

5.) www.Musipedia.org

If you know the melody of the song then you can play it on a piano keyboard and search on this website. You can Identify the melody by entering it with a JavaScript-based piano, flash-based piano, by dragging the mouse or sing it using a microphone. Not only this, there are many ways to find your music on this website.

So, these are the way to find your favorite song if you don’t know the name of it and these tips can solve your ‘What song is this’ problems. We hope these tips will help you. If you have anything to say about this then don’t forget to write your suggestions and comments.


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