Ask any YouTube frequent user that what functionality he would want Google to include in YouTube, his first reaction would be “Convert and Download” feature since you can neither convert YouTube videos nor download them directly from the site but still you can do all of this easily in a couple of seconds. How? The answer lies within 2 words and you already know that “YouTube Converter”.

You already know that a YouTube video converter and downloader can solve the problem but you don’t know what converter to use, which one provides the best quality and takes approximately no time for conversion? That’s why here is the list of best ever YouTube converters and download tools that you can use and get any video or even audio out of YouTube.

Apart from them we’re gonna provide some extensions also which solves this problem forever and you can download the videos directly from the YouTube website, won’t that be an easier alternative? Of course it will be super easy.

Free YouTube Converter

The functionality of these tools may differ a bit but all of them are reliable and you can use them without any fears and limitations.

video YouTube converter

1.) MP3 Juice

One of the best tool which serves the purpose of converter and downloader both. Have a YouTube video link that you want to convert to audio? Visit Mp3 Juice and get it done there within a minute. You can also search for YouTube videos directly from Mp3juice website and get it converted there.

It can only convert your videos to audios, if you want to download the YouTube video then this is not for you but if you want audio then this is the only one for you.

This if for you- Don’t know the song name but still want it? Read this to know how you can know what song was that in your mind.

2.) Clip Converter

This is two in one, you can either use it’s website to convert YouTube videos to audios and other video formats or you can get it’s extension for your browser and insert a “Convert and Download” button to official YouTube website. The later one seems easy and exciting, isn’t it?

Either visit it’s website or install clip converter extension for your browser. The extension needs nothing special, if it demands anything that would be too easy to do and won’t take a minute. As of now it is available for all the major browsers like Mozilla, Chrome and Safari.

3.) ListenVid

This is pretty straight forward and clean site for conversion. Whether you want to download video or audio, this site gives you both and that too at a very fast rate, you won’t have to wait too much for a video of 4-5 minutes, it’s just finished converting in 4-5 seconds.

Talking about to video to mp3 conversion, then this site is good at it too. You can also edit the converted file like you can crop it, change the name of artists, song etc. Indeed a trustworthy YouTube Converter and downloader.

4.) Online Video Converter

Another great online YouTube converter tool for converting and downloading YouTube videos, along with YouTube you can also convert other website’s videos as well like Dailymotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud etc. Just paste the URL of the video you want to convert and select the format of video or audio you want the converted file in and go for it, it will be done immediately without consuming too much of your time. You may use it here on this page.

We have shared here both kinds of tools, one that can convert YouTube videos to audios and other that can convert them to any format, be it audio or video. Enjoy this free conversion using the best ever YouTube converter and downloaders.


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