YouTube, the website where we all watch videos the most. Its user base is freaking huge. YouTube has videos for every kind of person, there is something for everyone. Now, there must be something that you like, let’s say you like a music video and want to listen to it on repeat without manually playing it. Now what? Don’t worry as YouTube repeat is possible.

You can definitely play any YouTube video on repeat by putting it in a replay loop.

Not only this, if you love a section of a video and want to listen to it only on repeat, there is a trick for that also which we’ll be telling you right here.

YouTube loop trick is not something very tricky, it’s just a matter of 2 clicks.

YouTube Repeat to Put Videos in Loop

Let’s now see how we can enable YouTube repeat for videos and listen on repeat.

youtube repeat

We have got several tricks for you.

  1. Using YouTube loop.
  2. Using third-party tools and sites.

You can go for any method based on your preference. What’s the difference between these 2 tricks?

There is only one difference, the first one is the official feature given by YouTube and it can loop one video at a time with no feature to select the time frame whereas the second method gives you the feature to repeat only a section of the video.

Tricks to Put YouTube Videos in Loop

Time to explain how you can perform these little tricks and put any YouTube video on repeat.

1. Using YouTube Loop

Now, this is the official feature given by YouTube itself and it’s easier than opening the YouTube website.

Just follow these 2 steps:

  • Ope YouTube and play the video you want to listen on repeat.
  • Right Click on that video and click on “Loop”.

youtube loop videos

  • Congrats, this video is now put in the loop and will replay itself once it finishes.

As we said, it’s super easy and requires no third party tool, extension, site or software.

Now, if you want to listen to the same video on repeat, then this is the only method that we recommend but if you wish to listen to only a particular section of any video, then have a look at our other tricks.

2. ListenOnRepeat

It’s a third party website which you can access here. It has improved its UI and navigation quite a lot.

listen on repeat youtube

You need to visit the website, search for your video or directly paste the URL of that YouTube video.

It will fetch the video and start playing immediately.

There are some other features and settings that you can make once the video has started playing, for example, you can select the time interval, add it to the playlist, put it to liked videos, share it, and also watch the number of times you have replayed the video.

If you are a music freak and like listening to music all the time, then you can also use their suggestions of top music like US top 40, UK top 40, Electronic, Hip Hop etc.

If not YouTube’s official feature, then we definitely recommend this one to enable YouTube repeat feature for any video.


repeat youtube videos

Compared to listenonrepeat, this one is quite simple with no extra features. There is one thing that we liked about this third party YouTube repeat site and that is as soon as you visit the site you are shown a search bar where you can search for your video or paste the URL and beside that there is the time interval selection box.

That time interval selection tool is something that we like because you don’t have to scroll the bar to adjust the timings, it’s entered manually. It’s good because you can put in the exact time and seconds.

Apart from this, there is nothing more to explore. The speed of loading videos is quite fast, it won’t take much of your time.


All these 3 YouTube repeat methods work perfectly and you can go for any method you want, it all depends on your choice. Putting YouTube videos in a loop is very easy with these simple methods.


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