We all head over to YouTube whenever we want to see any video or learn new things with videos, that’s quite obvious since YouTube is the largest video sharing site with billions of people being their audience all around the globe, but it may be blocked in your region, at your school, college or your office but there are ways to get YouTube unblocked within a couple of seconds.

It’s not that much difficult to unblock YouTube and start watching videos again, you just need to bypass that block which is quite easy.

We’ll share some ways here that you can use to unblock YouTube videos.

Methods to Get YouTube Unblocked

Let’s see how we can bypass the block put on YouTube videos, we will different method and try to unblock it every possible way.

youtube unblocked

Whether you are using YouTube on your phone or your computer, these ways are going to help you in unblocking YouTube videos.

1. Use Psiphon

You can use Psiphon 3 on your android, iPhone and Windows computer. It’s an amazing VPN that works perfectly when it comes to unblocking the websites.

You may have seen an error while playing a video, the error reads something like “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”. You can easily bypass this restriction on YouTube and watch that particular video from any country using Psiphon.

The software is light weight and it doesn’t need any installation, just download the .exe file and it will start operating.

Just follow these simple steps to get YouTube unblocked in your country.

  1. Download the Psiphon 3 file.
  2. Open the file, no installation is required.
  3. As soon as you open the Psiphon, it will start connecting automatically to the fastest country.
  4. Reload the YouTube video page to gain access to it.
  5. Congrats! Your YouTube videos are now unblocked.

This is not all, there are few things you need to know before using Psiphon else you won’t be able to unblock YouTube videos.

Note these things:

  • Psiphon by default connects you to the fastest country, which is usually your own country, as it gets you the best speed, so, you will have to select the country manually.
  • To know which country that video belongs to, use SocialBlade, enter the YouTube channel name and it will show you the country that particular channel belongs to.

socialblade youtube channel info

  • Once you know the country, select that country from your Psiphon country list. If that country option is not there then select any other except yours, try it with nearby regions.

psiphon for pc countries

You can download Psiphon 3 from here.

2. Use YouTube Proxy VPN Extensions

Psiphon will make the speed a bit slow, that’s a common thing while using VPNs and proxies, if you don’t want to download any software then try getting light weight extensions for your chrome or Mozilla browsers.

There are some VPN extensions that work pretty good when it comes to changing your IP address and allowing you to bypass security and access it while being untracked.

You can try HOXX VPN, it works good with chrome and Mozilla browser on Windows PC.

Just download the extension from here for chrome and from here for Mozilla, add it to your browser. It is also available for android phones.

Once you add the extension, you will see its icon on the top right, click on it and it will ask you to sign up, go ahead and once you are logged in select any country and surf the internet.

This has a high probability of getting your YouTube videos unblocked and you won’t have to compromise with your speed that much, of course it will have an effect on speed but that’s normal.

3. Get it Offline

You just can’t connect to VPN all the time if you want to watch that same video again and again, the best way is to download videos to your device and watch it as many times as you want without getting worried about blocks that have been put to your YouTube videos.

To download unblocked YouTube videos to your device use sites like Getmyvideo.net, Snaptube app for android, savefrom.net.

These 3 are enough to help download any video instantly in the highest quality possible, if you face any problem while downloading also then use the VPN once and it should be fine.

The benefit of downloading the video is that you don’t have to connect to VPN again and again.

4. TubeUnblock

It’s another good way to watch blocked YouTube videos from anywhere. You don’t need to visit YouTube in order to use TubeUnblock, however, you will need to use YouTube if you want to copy the URL of that blocked video.

This is how you use TubeUnblock:

  • Download TubeUnblock extension for chrome and Mozilla from here: tubeunblock.me/hiload
  • Once you have added the extension it will show the extension icon on the top.
  • Click on that icon and search for the video you want to watch or just paste the copied URL of that blocked YouTube video.
  • Hit enter button and it will redirect you to the page on TubeUnblock website where you will see that video playing.

It’s a good tool to get YouTube unblocked at schools, colleges and offices.


These 4 are the best ways to get YouTube unblocked within a few seconds and watch unblocked videos from anywhere. There is no complicated, all are simple methods that can hep you unblock YouTube videos for free.

Don’t forget to tell us which trick is your favorite and what trick you use to bypass and unblock YouTube videos.


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